The Fitness Bucket List

Editor’s note: We at aSweatLife firmly believe that variety is the spice of life, both in and out of the gym. Because of that, we’ve come to view fitness and fitness classes as experiences that can be interesting and exciting. 

So we’ve started asking people to name what’s on their fitness bucket list – it’s sort of a similar conversation to your “top five rappers of all time,” except fewer people will argue with your choices.

When you aim high and set big goals for this bucket list, you paint a picture of your future life filled with rich experiences that use your strong body. When you have these sort of exciting goals ahead of you, you can think about when you’ll make time to train or what you’d do if you ran into Michael Jordan on the street and he was like, “Your court or mine?” 

Ultimately, the experience – like climbing a mountain or running a marathon – is the culmination of the training. By the time you get to that Ironman, the marathon or the mountain, you can enjoy the ride. And so we wanted to know what Emily Hutchins – contributor, Nike Master Trainer, Owner of On Your Mark and the lady who makes you sweat at the #Sweatworking Series at Chicago Athletic Association Hotel each month – had to say. Read on. 


My Fitness bucket list:

I’ve been very fortunate in my career to be able to check a few of these off the list — climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Boston Marathon, do an Ironman, swim across the Atlantic (HA! Kidding on that one!)

But here are a few others, most of which are about taking me out of my comfort zone and trying new things.

  1. Get in the ring and box! Like for real boxing … Ronda Rousey, you up for a fight?!
  2. Climb another mountain — any of the major peaks are fine
  3. Do all international major marathons (Berlin, London and Tokyo)
  4. Bike a leg of the Tour de France (not necessarily with the guys)
  5. Learn how to kite surf
  6. Learn how to golf (just because it teaches patience)
  7. Play Michael Jordan in a game of H-O-R-S-E


So with that, we want to know what’s on your fitness bucket list. Tell us in the comments. 

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About Emily Hutchins

For over 15 years, Emily has worked with various clients of all walks of life, and is rewarded in watching clients improve their lives through something as powerful as fitness. As Owner of On Your Mark Coaching + Training, Emily’s philosophy is quite simple, train hard, but train smart. Your body is built on a foundation of 4 principals; function, endurance, athleticism and recovery. With these 4 principals, you are building a lifetime of increased performance whether you are striving to lose those last couple pounds or completing your 100th Ironman. As a Nike Master Trainer and Nike+ Run Coach, Emily serves as a spokesperson for the brand, develops athletic content, leads Chicago area Nike classes and runs, makes personal appearances on behalf of the brand and leads Nike fitness summits worldwide.