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America wants HIIT and lots of it. Gyms across the country are coming up with new ways to take you to your sweaty place as quickly as possible and get you back to your day. Exhale is giving fitness fanatics the high-intensity options they crave with its new class Core Fusion Extreme.

This class is similar in name to other classes you may have seen on the schedule, but that’s where the similarities end. This is a fast-paced, circuit-training experience was challenging for every single participant in that spitting, sweating HIIT kind of way. The barre classes on the schedule are challenging in that pulsing, holding, please-let-me-out-of-this-chair-pose kind of way.

Each month, a different Core Fusion Extreme class plan is created and used to push class-goers to work on a specific set of exercises and become stronger before moving onto a new routine the next month.

The November workout consisted of five stations with 10 total exercises and more props than you can imagine.

Props used in the class included med balls, glider disks, eight to ten pound weights, plyo boxes (the soft and foamy kind that doesn’t hurt if you miss a box jump) and TRX suspension trainers. Those props enabled us to do everything from mountain climbers to Russian twists to pistol squats to box jumps to triceps dips and so much more.

Raise your hand if you never thought you’d see TRX or a box jump in an Exhale studio.

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At each station we switched between two exercises for 40 seconds doing each two times. Most stations had an element of strength and a heart-rate raiser, leaving you completely winded and then letting your heart rate back down again. We went through that circuit twice, but the second time around the workout was spaced out with some balance-focused active rest between stations. By the send time around, the rest was a welcome addition.

Core Fusion Extreme is smashing through your expectations and it is not messing around. After running through the circuit two times, I was spent and absolutely ready for the shavasana that followed our work.

Get into Exhale and get sweaty for the only class on the schedule that requires tennis shoes.

Gym: Exhale Spa, 945 North State Street

Class focus: Core Fusion Extreme is a circuit training class with strength, cardio and lots of props mixed in.

Cost per class: $25

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