March Madness Workout

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, folks. No, definitely not Christmas- haven’t we had enough of the winter wonderland thing already? I’m referring to, of course, March Madness- the height of college basketball season and lead-in to the NCAA tournament. As an avid Kentucky fan, I spend roughly 85% of my day reading about, thinking about, talking about, writing about, tweeting about, and watching college basketball. This year, in anticipation of how many college games I’ll be watching in March, I’ve devised a little workout to make sure I’m not sitting sedentary on the couch for two-plus hours. This game of fitness roulette will have you sweating as much as your favorite players, guaranteed. As someone who has tested this out, you better pray there aren’t too many turnovers converted into slam dunks…


Keep a boxer shuffle as your holding pose (any time that you aren’t doing one of the below exercises)

Your team scores: 5 celebratory star jumps

Opponent scores: 5 hip lifts

Three pointer: 10 alternating lunges

Slam dunk: 5 tuck jumps

Turnover: 10 squat jumps

30 second timeout: Bicycle crunches

Television timeout/commercial break: One burpee per point differential (i.e., if your team is up by ten, do ten burpees), then hold a plank for remainder

Technical foul: 25 burpees

Halftime! 10 tuck jumps, 20 jumping jacks, 30 mountain climbers, 40 squats

If your team loses: One pushup per point differential

If your team wins: Woohoo! You win the workout!

Feel free to make modifications if you want to work a specific body part more than the other! Do you have any other tricks to get a sweat in while watching TV? Who are y’all rooting for this March?

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