Hop on the trampoline at Trapeze School New York of Chicago

Studio: Trapeze School New York (in Chicago), Indoor Armory 5917 N. Broadway St

Class Focus: The trampoline class at the Trapeze School of New York works to teach participants a new skill in a one hour class all while getting in a great workout.

Cost per class: $35 (+ one time membership fee of $22)

The Fab Fit Take:

Remember how much fun you had jumping on a trampoline when you were a kid? My parents were terrified of me landing on something breakable, like my bones, so I got in the habit of making up excuses to go to the friends’ houses that just happened to have trampolines in the back yard (sorry, mom and dad).

Now I have a new excuse to jump: Exercise. I’ve been desperate to try a trampoline fitness class. After months of thinking that this only existed in the suburbs, I found it in the city at the Trapeze School of New York. The school also has classes to help you relive that episode of Sex and the City and make you feel like P!nk on tour.

I called my best friend, who moonlighted as a gymnast after her elementary school days spent thinking about Disney cartoons. For both the coordinated one and me, a workout on the trampoline felt like an afternoon in a friend’s back yard. While it was a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, all that fun disguised a great workout.

Our teacher Brittany has worked with the school at locations across the country and knows how to do some amazing stunts on the trampoline. She imparted that knowledge onto us. We needed some serious coaching – these weren’t the kind of trampolines that you’d find on a grassy lawn. Anyone who is or ever was a gymnast knows that these trampolines bounce just a little bit higher and require just a little bit more control.

photo 1

Brittany took us through progressions to learn each stunt, starting with learning how to jump.

 photo 2

After perfecting the jump, we learned to pike, tuck jump, seat drop, back drop, twist and more. And then, we practiced until were ready to put it all together in a little routine that was enough to make us feel like we accomplished something.

[wpvideo L9e1nFZZ]

This class is the perfect excuse to grab a girlfriend and do something different. Follow it up with a healthy brunch and it’s the perfect Sunday.

Trampoline exercise

Date taken: 3/2/2014

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  1. NO way!!! I want to take that class!!! So much fun!! I used to be a gymnast and even took a couple adult gymnastics classes a year or so ago!!! I love to flip and flop everywhere I can!! Fun!!!

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