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Not really, you guys. I’m never on vacation from FabFitChicago. I am on vacation, however, and while I do love a good trip, I am hyper aware that it throws me out of my rhythm and my routine. While I don’t believe in getting stuck in a rut, I DO firmly believe in routine.

So I plan like a crazy person to make sure that my life doesn’t fall apart. I call this healthy traveling. Keep these five things in mind and take a healthy trip with me.

1. Choose your hotel carefully

Hotel gyms cross a spectrum from meeting basic fitness needs (Read one treadmill and a set of 5 lb weights) to amazing (read – a sprawling, spa-like mini-equinox). At Westin hotels, for example, guests who need to work the kinks out of their hips can count on having a fitness center open 24/7 and can borrow gyms clothes and shoes from New Balance for $5. Forget your stuff? No excuses.

2. Pack for your workout aspirations

Pack the stuff you need to get in the workouts you would at home and you’re more likely to keep on track. Need an extra push? Arrange for a wake up call and lay your workout clothes out the night before.

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3. Plan to walk

Fact: Seeing a new city is better on foot. Map out the sights you want to see, slather on some sunscreen and pound the pavement during the daylight hours. Worried that you’ll get lost and look like a tourist with your map? Try the Trip Advisor Offline City Guides for cities abroad – it works in Airplane mode and will keep you hoofing around without getting lost.

4. Get most of your food from grocery stores and local markets:

You don’t eat every meal at a restaurant at home, do you? If your answer to that question was, “yes, I do!’ please google PeaPod delivery and stop it immediately. When you’re traveling, plan to eat one meal at a restaurant and grab some fresh foods for the remaining snacks and meals – think easy things like yogurt, almonds, fruit, pre-cut veggies and deli meats. Use your hotel room’s mini bar to hold perishable foods like Greek yogurt.

5. Drink water!

Keep hydrated while your hoofing around a new city. If you’re a caffeine addict like I am (hello, three coffees in one day), grab a bottle of water every time you refill on java.

How do you stay on-track when you’re on vacation?

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