Prep for turkey with Barre Bee Fit

You might say you’re bringing healthy dessert and you’re only going to eat protein and vegetables, but your aunt who makes THE PIES is going to make the pies anyway and it will be rude if you don’t just have a tiny piece and you’ll just have one taste of stuffing. Or a dozen. Welcome to Thanksgiving – the kickoff of holiday gluttony.

Barre Bee Fit’s Gold Coast location is keeping its doors open for the just-because-its-a-holiday-doesn’t-make-it-a-day-off people and they’re turning Lina loose on your thighs before cranberry sauce can get to them. Lina taught the 3-day Strapped Express bootcamp that rendered me unable to walk and the only class that ever received a difficulty rating of 5 on this blog. Needless to say, sign me up.

Want to buy-in to the gluttony with some pulsing and planking too? Sign up here and select “Turkey Torch + Tone” under the events section.

Where: Barre Bee Fit Gold Coast, 1165 N. Clark

When: 11/28 8:45-10 am

How much: $40


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