How a Rolling To-Do List Changes Everything

What is a rolling to do list? Your new best friend.

Why You Need A Monthly Goals Check-In

If you’re wondering how to keep momentum on your 2020 goals all year round, a monthly check-in is definitely for you.

When Self Care Turns Into Self Sabotage

We all know that self care is important. But when used incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good.

How to Embrace Winter with Winter Rituals

Winter doesn’t have to be a drag—embrace the chilly season with these ideas for winter rituals.

Why You Should Create a “Joy Budget” and How to Use It

Budgeting for joy? Yep, it’s a thing—here’s how to do it.

How to Suggest A Friend Start Therapy

Suggesting a friend start therapy may feel like overstepping, but done with care and gentleness, it might go a long way in helping their mental health.

How To Have a Mindful Workout

Make your exercise routine a moving meditation with these tips for having a mindful workout.

How Intention Turned My Unemployment Into a Sabbatical

Instead of viewing unemployment as a blank space, this writer is turning her time off into a sabbatical by focusing on intention.

Get To Know Your Mama With These Mother’s Day Bonding Activities

Go beyond flowers and a card this Mother’s Day.

Alignment 101: What It Is, and How to Get It

If you’ve ever heard someone talking about living life “in alignment” and nodded along blankly, you’re not alone.

How to Take a Mini Vacation Every Day

Get ready to enjoy that post-vacation glow year-round.

How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone

Can’t argue with that screen report data… but you can address it. Here’s how.


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