How Gaining 100 Pounds During Pregnancy Changed This Model’s Life

Model and influencer Kourtney Reppert opens up about her struggle with pregnancy, eating disorders, and raising a newborn totally solo.

What is Blue Beauty? Plus, Which Brands Are Doing It Right

We’re in a post-green beauty world—welcome to blue beauty.

How Flight Attendants Stay Fit When Traveling a Ton

Admit it, you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a flight attendant—here’s how they prioritize health while traveling.

13 Products for Your Fall Beauty Refresh

Your skin has different needs as we transition to fall—add these products to your fall beauty routine for seasonally-appropriate refreshes.

The Best Home Fitness Equipment Options

Debating switching to an in-home fitness routine? These are the best home fitness hardware options for all budgets and preferences.

Why the Medical Spa Business is Booming—and How Recovery Treatments Set Them Apart

Medical spas are booming right now, but they’re evolving from purely aesthetic services by adding high-tech recovery options, too.

How To Vet Your Influencers

Everyone on the Internet is a so-called expert—but who’s REALLY qualified to give advice, and how can you measure an influencer’s trustworthiness?

Here’s What Spiritual Bypassing Is, and Why It Can Be Harmful

We dive into the definition of spiritual bypassing, why it’s attractive in the short-term, and what action steps you can take instead.

Shani Darden, Celebrity Esthetician, Answers All Our Pressing Skincare Questions

The perfect morning and evening skincare routines, products worthy of a splurge, how to find the best estheticians, and more.

Could You Be Washing Your Hair Wrong? A Q&A With Hair Legend Philip B

Yes, there’s more to hair-washing than just “lather, rinse, repeat.”

How To Stay Productive During The Summer

Thinking more about happy hour than deadlines or presentations? Use this tips to stay productive in the summer.

How a Panel with Gwyneth Changed My Mind About Goop

This writer always thought Goop was a little too “woo woo” for her—until a panel with Paltrow herself changed her mind.


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