Why You Should Try Naked Yoga (Yes, Really!)

I never back down from a challenge. In the gym, in my writing, I mean hello — have you caught up on my arsenal of recent topics? From the G spot to multiple orgasms to sex toys and everything in between, I love covering content that’s out of the ordinary — so when my editor pitched me the idea of naked yoga, I was all in.

My first reaction was wait, do I need to attend an in-person nude yoga class? Would this be a women’s nude yoga class? Would guys be there too? Or would it be a hot naked yoga class? To my relief, I was informed that I would be participating in a naked yoga class from the friendly confines of my very own home. (For the record, I totally would’ve dropped my drawers and fully participated in a naked yoga class.)

How would this all even be possible? Through True Naked Yoga, of course. This unique platform offers a great workout for anyone looking to spice up their fitness routine. With diverse programs for every level of yogi from beginner to expert, you can get back to the basics, embark on a gentle flow, level up your practice, build your muscles, refine your advanced practice, or wind down. Whatever your intention, True Naked Yoga has a naked yoga video for you.

person practicing naked yoga

What is naked yoga?

Like a lot of trends, naked yoga exploded in popularity during the pandemic, but it’s way more than just a fad. Naked yoga likely emerged from India in ancient times and has a long, sophisticated spiritual history.  

Today, millions of yogis all over the world engage in this liberating form of yoga. True Naked Yoga has celebrities, influencers, and yogis from 82 countries around the globe stripping down to their birthday suits and getting their namaste on.

The practice in itself isn’t sexual and is intended to normalize the very human and natural state of nudity. True Naked Yoga offers subscribers a beautiful, safe, and tasteful way to experience the benefits of this ancient practice from the privacy of their own homes. 

Each program is designed by certified yoga teachers and guided by talented instructors (who, yes, are naked too), with classes including classic Ashtanga, Pilates, Power Vinyasa, Yin, and even guided meditations — all filmed with a high-end, cinematic look.

Benefits of nude yoga

Why exactly should you ditch the yoga pants to practice yoga au naturale? Well, besides saving money on workout clothes, according to practitioners, some of the benefits of naked yoga include:

  • Ability to reconnect with your true self
  • Experience greater freedom of physical movement without the constrictions of clothing — and ultimately fewer distractions from adjusting clothing during your yoga practice
  • Greater acceptance of one’s body just as it is — a.k.a. body acceptance and body positivity 
  • Improved sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love
  • Increased sense of mindfulness, self-awareness, and sensitivity to one’s environment
  • More comfort and confidence when being naked
  • Stronger mind-body connection

“The additional benefits of naked yoga are mostly self-reported,” shares Emily Tong, publicist for True Naked Yoga. “At this point, our members and the naked yoga community suggest that the added benefits of being naked during the practice are largely psychological, rather than physical.” 

Oh, and let’s not forget the well-established mental and physical benefits that come from a yoga practice even if it does include clothing.

The bottom line on naked yoga

If you’re looking to add a new layer to your yoga practice, shed the workout clothes and try naked yoga. Namaste, y’all!

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