The 7 Best Clothing Rental Services to Try Right Now

Renting clothes is a great way to try new trends without creating more waste. 

Whether you have a wedding to go to, are headed on a beach vacation, or are looking to upgrade your work wardrobe, there are plenty of clothing rental services out there you can use to stay stylish—and cut down on your carbon footprint at the same time. (A few clothing brands, like Lululemon, are even getting into the resale game, allowing you to buy their items secondhand to reduce waste.) 

To help you stay stylish and become more eco-friendly, we’ve rounded up the best clothing rental services to try right now.

clothing rental services

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway (RTR) was one of the first clothing rental services on the market and continues to be one of the most popular. They have a huge stock of formalwear, making their service ideal if you have a party or special event to attend. RTR also offers plenty of office attire, casual clothes, and accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry. You’ll find hip designers like Tibi, Reformation, Ulla Johnson, and Veronica Beard, on the platform. 

How it works: Choose from one of three plans and rent anywhere from four to 16 pieces a month. The cheapest plan allows you to rent four pieces a month, in one shipment, and gives you access to basics (casual and workwear). The mid-tier plan (the most popular), allows you to rent four pieces a month, in two shipments, and gives you access to all of RTR’s styles, including eventwear. The most expensive plan allows you to rent 16 pieces a month, in four shipments, and also gives you access to all of RTR’s styles. 

Why it’s sustainable: RTR is committed to displacing the need for new clothing production by at least half a million pieces over the next five years, according to the company’s Impact Strategy. They’re also working toward keeping all unusable clothing out of landfills and offsetting their carbon emissions from shipments to and from customers by 100%. 

Sizing: 00-22

Pricing: $94-$234 per month


Nuuly is operated by URBN, the parent company of retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Antropologie, and Free People. They offer rentals from these brands and over 300 other brands, including Scotch & Soda and Pistola. You can find everything from jeans to jackets to dresses, with casual and more formal options available. 

How it works: You’ll be asked to take a short quiz about your sizing, then can select clothes. Nuuly only offers one plan, which allows you to rent six pieces a month. Laundry and repair are included in the monthly subscription fee, and you can even buy items you love at a discount. 

Why it’s sustainable: Nuuly professionally cleans and repairs clothing to extend their lifespan and reduce waste. They’ve focused heavily on minimizing their carbon footprint by investing in both highly efficient laundry machines for their professional cleaning as well as carbon offsets for shipping. They also resell out-of-circulation items through their Nuuly Thrift program. Plus, their rental totes are made from post-consumer plastic so there’s no need for plastic bags or hangers.   

Sizing: XXS-5X, as well as petites and maternity 

Pricing: $88 per month

Fashion to Figure Closet

Fashion to Figure Closet carries a large range of clothing and accessories from their own label, including dresses, tops, pants, and skirts as well as jewelry, scarves, and handbags. You can filter by occasion and try out everything from resort to athleisure to professional styles. 

How it works: You’ll start by taking a quiz about your sizing and what types of items you’re looking to rent. From there, you can choose from two membership options (both are the same price). You can either rent up to three pieces of clothing or up to three pieces of clothing and two accessories. You can wear everything you rent as many times as you want and then send pieces back whenever you’re ready to exchange. If you decide you want to keep something, you can buy the item for up to 50% off the retail price. 

Why it’s sustainable: Fashion to Figure Closet cleans and sterilizes all items when you return them, so you don’t have to worry about laundry. The company has developed an environmentally-friendly cleaning process using biodegradable detergents. Their process uses less electricity, gas, and water than you’d use at home. 

Sizing: 12-28

Pricing: $55 per month 

Vince Unfold

Vince Unfold is a clothing rental service from California brand Vince. The brand has a minimalist aesthetic and is perfect for anyone who likes a modern look. You can rent tops, pants, dresses, outerwear, and cashmere pieces. Men’s clothing is also available to rent. 

How it works: Browse through new styles every week and maintain up to 10 items in your virtual closet. You can rent four items at a time and wear them for as long as you’d like during the month. If you want to exchange something, you can do so at any point. And if you want to keep something you’ve tried, you can purchase it at a discounted price. 

Why it’s sustainable: Vince Unfold doesn’t trash out-of-circulation garments. Instead, they donate them to a local charity for reuse. 

Sizing: 00-24

Pricing: $160 per month

Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee offers a range of casual and semi-formal clothing up to size 32. They have clothing from brands including Unique Vintage, Nic + Zoe, and Eloquii. Search through tops, dresses, jeans, outerwear, and more that would be perfect for a casual hang or day at the office. 

How it works: To get started, you’ll take a quiz about your sizing and receive suggestions about what brands might work best for you. Once you take the quiz, you can also browse through Gwynnie Bee’s full collection. There are a few membership options to choose from. You can rent anywhere from one to 10 items a month and exchange items at any time. You can also buy pieces you want to keep for a discounted price. 

Why it’s sustainable: Gwynnie Bee repurposes out-of-circulation pieces rather than trashing them. They sell items that are in excellent condition in their GB Outlet, where subscribers can shop, while they donate out-of-circulation items with light wear to a local charity.

Sizing: 0-32

Pricing: $49-$199 per month

Le Tote

Le Tote carries super-trendy pieces from brands like Splendid, French Connection, and Rebecca Minkoff. You can find everything from dresses to sweaters to jumpsuits. You can also rent accessories like jewelry, scarves, belts, and purses. 

How it works: You’ll begin by taking a quiz about your sizing and your style preferences so you can get personalized recommendations. You can then choose from a few different membership options. If you don’t like the clothing that’s been recommended for you, you can swap and customize items before having them shipped. You can rent just clothing (anywhere from four to 10 pieces a month) or you can rent clothing and accessories together (three pieces of clothing and two accessories all the way up to 10 pieces of clothing and five accessories). 

Why it’s sustainable: Le Tote cleans and sterilizes all items when you return them, so you don’t have to worry about laundry. They use biodegradable detergents and have developed a process to use less water, gas, and electricity than you would doing laundry at home. 

Sizing: 0-16, as well as maternity 

Pricing: $59-$119 per month


Armoire gives you personalized clothing recommendations from their team of in-house stylists. They offer items from brands like Joie, Page, Yumi Kim, and BB Dakota. They have a nice selection of casual and semi-formal blouses, pants, dresses, and more. 

How it works: First, take a short quiz about your sizing and style preferences. Then choose from three different membership options and get personalized clothing recommendations. The four-item and seven-item capsules include one shipment per month, while the unlimited capsule allows you to rent an unlimited amount of items (you can rent six at a time and get new ones once you return your existing rentals). You can add more items to your monthly shipment for a fee, and you can also prepay for a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual membership to save money. 

Why it’s sustainable: Armoire ships its clothing out in reusable, eco-friendly packaging. They clean and repair items to extend their lifespan, upcycle damaged items, and donate lightly worn clothing to Dress for Success, Mary’s Place, and other charitable organizations. 

Sizing: 0-3X, as well as maternity

Pricing: $79-$249 per month

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