A Declutter Challenge for Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Home

Along with our week of digital content, we’re issuing a challenge: declutter the space that’s one-part home, one-part office, one-part gym and one-part anything else you do, ever.

And because we want you to be happy, we’re making each step of this challenge bite-sized. Each day of the week comes with a specific call to action that you can most definitely do. While we’re starting this challenge with what might be the most daunting space – the closet – fear not, we’re getting the help we need to make it fun.

You’ll see this declutter week kick off with a closet audit and style party with Annie Frances, styling guru and closet connoisseur. Monday at 6 pm CDT, all you need is your own closet and the willingness to fall back in love with your own clothes. We’ll go through a clothing audit and walk away with options that make you feel confident (even if that includes your favorite PJs)! Sign up here.

Trust us when we say that the rest of the week will be a breeze once you’ve rocked your closet.

Here’s everything we’re organizing:

And because we believe that hard work deserves a reward, many of these days come with a chance to win.

  • Monday: Clean out your closet (Prize: Digital wardrobe consultation with Annie Frances)
  • Tuesday: Clean out your pantry (Prize: A gift card to The Container Store)
  • Wednesday: Tackle your junk drawer
  • Thursday: Digital detox
  • Friday: Clean out your bathroom cabinets (Prize: Romer skincare products)

Want to take part? Share that you’re taking part in the declutter challenge with this Instagram story and tag us (@aSweatLife) as you tackle each part of the challenge. Winners will be contacted daily.

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