3/12, 5-7pm: Chill Hour at CryoEffect River North

Self-care and recovery are top-tier goals around aSweatLife HQ for 2020. We have partnered with Chicago’s fastest-growing recovery center for athletes: CryoEffect. At locations sprawling across Chicagoland, you’ll find services ranging from full-body cryotherapy to localized cryotherapy (like spot-treatments for whatever hurts and facials) to infrared sauna to NormaTec compression boots.

March 12, cash in on these specials!

$15 ticket will cover your entire experience for (1) one of the following services or $25 for (2) two of the following services:

  • Local Cryo
  • Full-body Cryo
  • CryoFacial
  • 15 minute NormaTec + optional Oxygen

We know that jumping into a -200 degrees Fahrenheit might not feel like “boring self-care,” but we can attest to the invigorated bounce you’ll have in your step when you emerge from the chamber. Cryo’s impact has been reported to range from reducing inflammation to helping you sleep at night – and we are here for that.

When: Thursday, March 12, from 5-7 pm

Where: CryoEffect River North, 714 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654

Why: 2020 Goals: Recovery!

Where to purchase your ticket: Right here!