Meet Syanna Wand, Founder of the Mother Daughter Tallow-Based Beauty Company, Amara Marie

Nowadays, people are hyper focused on what they are putting in and on their bodies and who could blame them! We all know how good we feel when we eat the right foods to fuel our bodies, our workouts and our healthy lifestyles. On the flip side, we also know how crummy we can feel when our diets are less than stellar — but did you ever stop to think about how the products you put on your skin on a daily basis can affect your health?

I had the honor and privilege to speak with Syanna Wand, founder of the tallow-based beauty company, Amara Marie. Syanna filled me in on everything Amara Marie and why it’s so important to swap your conventional skincare products for natural ones. If you have been thinking about switching your skincare products from conventional to natural, but haven’t made the transition yet, then this interview is definitely for you!

Amara Marie Syanna Wand

How did you and your mother come up with the idea to found a tallow-based beauty company?

It’s crazy to think, but the average American woman is exposed to 150+ different chemicals every single day, many of which are known to be cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting. Several years ago, after taking personal health into our own hands, we began to learn more about the impact environmental toxins can have on our bodies and health, so we set out to clean up our routines.

Unfortunately, the majority of products we found on drugstore shelves and department store countertops were laden with cringe-worthy ingredients. That even includes skin care products from our local health food store! We were frustrated and sick of paying ridiculous prices for high-quality organic skincare products that met the standards we were searching for so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Amara Marie is a such a pretty name, but how did you come up with it for a company name?

Thank you! Amara Marie is named after my niece, who entered our family around the same time the company was born. My mom and I were struck with how her purity and innocence represented everything we wanted this business to embody and her birth reminded us both why we were doing this, so it seemed very fitting for us to use her name for our company name. Amara Marie!

Amara Marie is a tallow-based beauty company. Can you please tell me what tallow is exactly?

Absolutely! Tallow is the rendered fat from beef or mutton, but for our products we use the tallow rendered from pasture-raised grass-fed cows. We believe in putting only the best products and ingredients on our skin and in completing the life cycle of these beautiful animals by subscribing to a nose-to-tail philosophy.

Okay wait, so tallow is basically fat and we are supposed to put it on our skin? Won’t that clog our pores?

It may sound shocking, but tallow closely matches the fatty acid profile of our skin cells, so by adding it to our skincare routine, we are keeping our skin cells supple and hydrated.

So you’re saying slathering fat on my face is actually good for my skin?

That’s right! By providing our skin with external sources of healthy fats, like tallow, we can potentially combat issues like acne, aging, discoloration, dry skin and other signs of cell damage.

Are all of your products tallow-based?

No, we offer a variety of products. Not all of them are tallow based, some are. However, all of our Amara Marie products  are made with natural ingredients straight from Mother Nature.

What is your favorite product (or products) from Amara Maire?

I love all of the products, but if I had to choose one I would say my favorite Amara Marie product is the Soothing Body Butter.

What other ingredients can we expect to see in your line of natural skincare products?

Some other ingredients you will see in our line of natural skincare products include: essential oils like helichrysum, frankincense and lavender; organic grape seed oil; turmeric extract; cayenne essential oil; organic coconut oil; organic olive oil; and organic goat’s milk. Ultimately, our mission to is to source the cleanest, purest, most sustainable ingredients we possibly can so you can feel good knowing what you are putting on your skin is 100 percent safe, but it also leaving a smaller impact on our world.

amara marie vitamin c serum

Those all sound amazing! I bet these products smell so good too.

They do! We receive so many messages and comments from users who love the smell of our products. Not only does our community rave about their their dewy glow, but they love the smell of our products. We hope that each time you go to use an Amara Marie product, you feel like you are stepping into a luxurious spa experience, even if it is in your own home!

What advice would you give to someone who is contemplating switching out her synthetic skincare products for more natural ones like Amara Marie?

I would say do it! It can be a little scary abandoning your normal skincare and beauty routines, but by incorporating more natural products, your skin and ultimately your health will thank you.

Okay, so we have decided to make the switch to all natural skincare products like Amara Marie. What should we expect? Glowing skin?

Yes and no. Yes you can expect radiant skin, but it may take some time. When you adopt a new skin care regimen, the skin has to adjust as it rebalances its pH levels. It has to discover a new point of equilibrium, which can take some time, but this usually only lasts a couple of days, sometimes a couple of weeks. Be patient with yourself and your skin during this time, it’s simply adjusting.

Where can readers purchase Amara Marie to try for themselves?

Readers can head over to our website to purchase our products. They can also sign up for our email newsletter and of course can find us on Instagram @amaramariebeauty Also, we would love to offer A Sweat Life readers a discount code if they are interested in making a purchase. Just use code ASL at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order (expires 2/28/19).


I want to thank this beautiful soul for her time conducting this interview (and for the discount code). Now I want to encourage each one of you to head over to Amara Marie and try it for yourself. I recommend all of the Amara Marie products, but some of my favorites include the Peppermint Lip Butter, the Goat’s Milk Soap – Charcoal Bar and the Soothing Body Butter. Happy shopping everyone!


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