Three Endurance Options for When You DON’T Want to Run a Marathon

All summer long, whenever the sun is shining, I want to be outside. In Chicago and other cities with brutal winters, this is what we wait all year for. While all winter I fight to squeeze in an hour workout, longer days and better weather make me want to spend all of my time outside.

With so many friends who are marathon runners, it felt for a long time like training for a marathon might be the best way to take advantage of summer — until I started running all the time and realized it just wasn’t for me.

Instead, I took a hint from my distance running buddies and realized that endurance sports extend well beyond marathons and can be taken on by just about everyone.

endurance options


For me, cycling is my main endurance sport. I love cycling because I can maintain an easy enough pace to chat and get to know friends without getting too tired. Often on nice days we’ll ride almost the whole day, exploring and getting to see new parts of the cities, suburbs, and sometimes even other states. Being able to endure long rides has brought me new adventures and new cycling buddies.

Long Walks

If my mom has taught me anything, it’s that walking around the city all day can be exhausting. But ditching public transportation and commuting around by foot has huge benefits. It’s the greatest way to multitask your errands and your workout at the same time. Plus, you’re more likely to run into friends on the street, which always brings a smile to my face.


Triathletes aren’t the only ones who take on multiple workouts in a day. While the days are long, I often love to get in an early morning workout with November Project before work, and then meet up with friends or head to the gym by myself for an evening workout. Having the endurance to put in multiple workouts in a day lets me take advantage of all of the fun things going on in the summer months without serious #FOMO.

The Key to Enduring: FUELING PROPERLY

Having the endurance to power through a day of activity can only be fueled by eating and drinking enough to maintain your stamina. It’s important to get sufficient carbohydrates (read: if you stay active, you don’t need to be on a carb-free diet), paired with protein to give energy to allow your muscles to recover. It’s recommended to replenish with a meal or snack that pairs carbs and proteins an hour after a workout so that you’re ready to go for the next one. And of course, pair that with tons and tons of water, especially as temperatures rise.

Continue to work in rest days to give yourself the fuel to recover as well, and you’ll be able to endure all summer long.

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