The Plank Takeover: Your 30-Minute Workout of the Day

While I desperately wish I had the time to make it to all the workouts I plan for at the beginning of the week, realistically, I know that at least once, my schedule will get too full and my personal workout will be the first thing to shift (or get deleted from the calendar altogether). I’ll even admit, I’ve only made it to one ClassPass class in the last two months (it pains my wallet to say it more than anything). That’s why it’s so important for me to have a go-to workout I can do at home when I’m tight on time or feeling like I just need something to get my mojo back.

And nothing makes you feel the burn more than a workout chock-full of planks – one of the best total body strength moves you can do with just your bodyweight. This 30-minute workout is filled with both cardio and strength – and infused with plank after plank throughout – to make this one of your most reliably tough go-to workouts.

First, perform a dynamic warm-up for five to seven minutes like this one. Then, get to work.


Set 1: 12 minutes

Set a timer for 12 minutes. You’ll work through 10 reps of four exercises for 12 minutes straight, but each time that you finish a round of those four exercises, you’ll hold a 30-second plank. Repeat the circuit with a 30-second plank at the end of each round for 12 minutes.

To kick off the set, hold a 30-second plank.

Then, do ten reps of each of the following four exercises:

  1. Down dog to push-up (option to go on knees)
  2. Narrow squat to lunge
  3. Plank oblique wraps (ten each side)
  4. Burpees

Then, hold a 30-second plank and go back to the top of the set of four exercises.


Set 2: 8 minutes

Set a timer for eight minutes. You’ll work through ten reps of four exercises for eight minutes straight, but each time that you finish a round of those four exercises, you’ll do 30 seconds of plank wraps (explained below).

To start the set, perform 30 seconds of plank wraps (five wraps each side before switching sides).

Then, do ten reps of each of the following four exercises:

  1. Diamond push-up on knees
  2. Triceps dips
  3. Lateral bear crawl
  4. Boat pose in-and-outs

Then, perform 30 seconds of side plank with obliques wraps then go back to the


This is how all the exercises in this workout will look:

Plank: On either forearms or palms, keep your shoulders hips and heels in one line and engage your core to hold your plank position for a full 30 seconds.

30 minute workout

Down dog to push-up: Begin in a downward facing dog position, weight in your feet and hands. Move your shoulders forward to a high plank position, stacking shoulders over wrists, and lower down into a position. Exhale to press your self back up to a plank and shift your hips back to down dog.

Narrow squat to lunge (Right and left lunge = 1 rep): Keep your feet hips width apart or wider and sit back into a squatting position. Lunge one foot behind you into a reverse lunge, keeping your back heel lifted. Bring your back leg back to your squat and step your opposite leg back into a lunge. Lunging your right and left leg back one time is one rep.

Side planks with oblique wraps (10 each side): On your forearm, keep your hips stacked on top of each other and legs squeezing together. Lift your top arm in the air, then reach that arm across your body and behind you to work your obliques. Perform 10 reps on each side.

Burpees: Start in an athletic stance with your feet hips-width distance. Squat down as you lower your hands to the ground then jump back into a plank. Lower down to the ground in a push-up position and press back up to a plank. Bend your knees and launch forward, jumping into a squat position. Stand up, using your legs and jump into the air.

Plank wraps (5 wraps per side):  From a plank position, take your feet wider than hips-width. Plant your left hand in the middle of your plank and reach your right arm up. Keeping your hips facing the ground, rotate your upper body open and wrap your right arm around. Perform 5 reps on the right, then 5 reps on the left, repeating for 30 seconds at a time.

Diamond push-up on knees: From a plank position, lower your knees to the ground and bring your thumbs and index fingers to touch, elbows bent slightly out. Lower your chest towards the ground on an inhale, keeping your core engaged, and exhale to press your arms straight.

Triceps dips: Place your hands by your hips, fingertips towards feet. Think more about elbows going back than sitting your butt down as you lower down. Exhale as you press your arms to straight and body up to a reverse table top position.

Lateral bear crawl: From a plank position, bend your knees so they are hovering off the ground a few inches. Step your right arm and leg out to the right, then your left arm and left leg to meet it. Crawl 5 times to the right before moving back to the left for 5 crawls total.

Boat pose in-and-outs: Sit on your butt and lift your legs, keeping your knees bent. As you keep your legs squeezed together, inhale to lower your body to hover off the ground and extend your legs, then exhale to bring your body back up and knees close to you. Keep your back flat


(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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