Could ClassPass Credits Change How You Use the Multi-Gym App?

ClassPass’s position at the intersection of tech and fitness allows it to test interesting things with its power to connect users to the gyms they love. Half of the reason I use ClassPass is because I find nothing more fascinating than analyzing the company’s every move.

This week, ClassPass quietly rolled out a new way to use the platform to a small group of users in San Francisco and Chicago: credits.

What this looks like and what it could mean for users:

Potentially more classes:

This change could spell more classes for some users who are using lower-credit classes, depending on the user. The classes I tend to go to are the higher-credit classes. Apparently, I have discerning taste

Less advantageous Flex use for some and better for others: 

Previously, users who flexed – or changed their metro area to use ClassPass classes in another city – got a one-for-one class exchange regardless of the market.

Just for fun, I changed my metro area to New York City, where classes started at seven credits a class and went up to 11 credits per class. That’s a losing scenario for my current membership plan, but classes are more expensive in New York, so Flex users in markets like New York City are expensive to ClassPass.

If I flex somewhere like San Francisco, LA or San Diego on my current membership, I’m probably going to see a savings in credits.

Less simplicity for the user:

Over the years, ClassPass moved away from a few things that make it so easy to explain to users. From one membership that gets you access to unlimited studios each month. To one membership that gets you 10 classes to studios you love each month. To one membership that gives you 70 credits each month to access studios that are assigned a varying credit value.

If it’s harder to explain, it’s probably harder to use.

Because this is just a test, it may not be the future for ClassPass. Here’s what they have to say.

ClassPass is currently focusing this test around providing “a more customizable membership experience that allows more flexibility around types and numbers of classes a member could attend within a cycle.”

“We are constantly testing and evaluating the various levers we have to maximize membership benefits while driving more studio revenue. Currently, we are doing a beta test of a credit-based model in Chicago and San Francisco to a small subset of users,” Ashley Hennings, Director of PR at ClassPass said, “Nothing definitive has been decided as it is early days of testing, but we’ll be sure to share more should the company decide to move in this direction network wide.”

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6 thoughts on “Could ClassPass Credits Change How You Use the Multi-Gym App?

  1. This makes sense to me. The sticker price at some studios is far pricier than others, but a ClassPass membership evens that out. But maybe not for long. I still really like the variety I get as a ClassPass member.

  2. Interesting. Below is an article about what they are trying to accomplish. I think this is in response to the new trend for boutique studios to apply yield management practices. MindBody acquired Lymber fitness earlier this year and will start offering soon flexible pricing based on class demand on their MindBody app. There is also an app called ZenRez that is growing fast that offers similar pricing options.

  3. I’m part of their beta test and so far I do like it. Since I work from home and have a flexible schedule, it works good for me. I was able to take a class at SWEAT for only 3 credits and I like that there is no more limit on how many times you go to a studio, But yes the difference in credits for different cities is a little bit of a bummer – though the only place in NYC that I use on ClassPass is Laughing Lotus and they were only 6 credits I believe. The rest of the places I like (SoulCycle, Rumble Boxing) aren’t on there.

  4. Did you see they are partnering with a small gym in NYC and Jersey for classpass + gym membership for a co-membership? ClassPass is still a huge savings for me too at the moment, and I hope the possible credit system doesn’t kill that! I did finally try their videos this week — has anyone else? I found a few of the yoga ones to be pretty great if you are advanced (you really have to search though) and don’t need to actually watch the video – mostly because I’ve got an iPhone 5S and the screen is HECKEN TINY.

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