Kick Start Your Week With a Bodyweight Workout for 30 Minutes

Happy Mon-Yay, friends. This morning we challenged our readers to take on Monday (and every other day this week) like it was Friday – or, at the very least, find something small and enjoyable about the day that turns the weekday around from “counting down the seconds until Friday” to “I actually kind of maybe didn’t hate this day.”

That mindset of not hating what you’re doing carries over from sitting at your desk to your mindset heading into a workout. Whether you’re somewhere dry and sunny or hiding inside from a wintery mix, sometimes you just need someone to help you generate some of that positive mojo to get a workout in. This 30-minute all bodyweight workout is something you can do on a whim, in your living room, with friends or solo. Throw on some tennis shoes and get those endorphins going to send you into the week.

Here’s your bodyweight workout:

Go through each of these moves (even those that have a right and a left side to them) for 60 seconds straight through, then for 45 seconds, then for 30. After three rounds total of all the exercises, you’re done!

  • Plyometric lunge + plie squat
  • Power knees right side
  • Power knees left side
  • Cross-over push-ups
  • Cross squat jacks
  • Half burpees
  • Spiderman mountain climbers
  • Jackknife with a twist
  • Toe taps standing
  • Straight leg kicks
  • Right leg glute bridge
  • Left leg glute bridge
  • Hollow belly hold

Here’s how they’ll look:

Plyometric lunge + plié squat: Start by lunging your right leg forward, finding a 90-degree bend in both knees. Drive through your feet to explode up and turn your hips to face center as you land in a plié squat. Then drive through your feet again to jump up and land in your lunge on the left side. You can always take out the hop and turn the lunge-to-plié-combo into a low-impact move.

asweatlife_604530bodyweight_lungeplie3 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_lungeplie4 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_lungeplie2 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_lungeplie5 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_lungeplie

Power knees right side: Bend your right knee and bring all your weight into your right leg. As you exhale, drive your left knee in towards your chest and pull your arms down towards your chest. Inhale to reach arms up and tap left foot back to the ground. Keep a slight bend in your right knee the whole time – you should feel it in your core as well as your standing leg and glutes.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_powerknee1 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_powerknee2

Cross-over push-ups: Start by setting up in a plank – shoulders, hips and ankles in one long line (i.e. not sagging your back or lifting your hips too high). Lower down into a push-up and exhale to press back up. Then, cross your left hand behind your right and left leg under your right leg, then step right leg and take your right arm out, setting it beneath your right shoulderto reset your plank position. Do another push-up. Then, cross your right arm under your left and your right leg under your left and continue to repeat the combo move.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crossoverpushup1 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crossoverpushup2 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crossoverpushup3 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crossoverpushup4

Cross squat jacks: Start by crossing your right foot over your left. When you uncross, land down into a squat position. From this low position, jump up and cross your left leg over your right.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crosssquatjack4 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crosssquatjack3 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_crosssquatjack2

Half burpees: From a plank position, lower all the way down to your belly and release your hands. Keep your core tight, press your hands back down into the ground and press back up to a plank. Hop your feet outside your hands, keeping your hands firmly on the ground. Hop back to your plank and lower back down.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_halfburpee1 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_halfburpee2 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_halfburpee3

Spiderman mountain climbers: From a plank, pull your right knee towards your right armpit, then switch it out with your left knee in towards your left armpit. Move as slowly as you need to find your perfect form, keeping your shoulders over your wrists the whole time, then pick up the pace.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_spiderman2 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_spiderman1

Jackknife with a twist: Lie on your back in an “X” shape. Exhale and lift your shoulders up, reaching your left arm towards your lifted right leg. Add a twist by reaching your right arm back behind you (like you’re pulling a bow and arrow) and extend it all the way straight. Inhale to lower all the way down onto your back again, then do that same thing on the left side. Continue alternating.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_jackknife1 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_jackknife2

Toe taps standing: From an athletic standing position, raise your right leg and turn your knee out slightly to reach your left hand for your right toes. Tap them. Then switch to the other slide. Move as slowly as you need to find your perfect form, then pick up the pace.

Straight leg kicks: From standing, extend your arms straight out to a “T.” With core engaged and shoulders tall, stacked over hips, alternate lifting your legs straight out in front of you. To increase the cardio aspect to this move, add a hop in between each leg switch, gently bending your knees as you land each time.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_standingkicks1 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_standingkick2 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_standingkicks3

Right leg glute bridge: Lie on your back with your feet on the ground, knees tracking forwards. Press down through your heels to lift your hips. Keep your neck still, gaze forwards or up and bring your weight into your right leg. Draw your left knee into your chest, then extend it straight up to the ceiling. Either hold or add glute raises by lowering your hips down (keeping your left leg up) as you inhale and lift back up as you exhale. Keep your hip points facing up, in line with each other the whole time.
asweatlife_604530bodyweight_glutebridge3 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_glutbridge4 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_glutebridge1 asweatlife_604530bodyweight_glutebridge2

Hollow belly hold: Lie on your back. Extend your arms above your head and lift your legs to hover. Hollow out your core by drawing your bellybutton towards your spine. Hold steady here as long as you can. When you fatigue, either bend your knees to bring your low back towards the ground again or lift your legs further off of the ground.

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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