A Podcast to Put You to Sleep

Insomniacs have been given countless techniques to solve their woes over the years. From lavender scented pillows, to trying to stay awake, to having the perfect room temperature, the suggestions are endless. But unfortunately for them, according to an Oxford University studythere is a high chance even using the well-known counting sheep technique probably won’t help.

All sleep is not lost, though, because what has demonstrated high success is a long, monotonous bedtime story. Just like a toddler nodding off during the hundredth retelling of the princess and the frog, listening to a story with no pressure to know details or facts helps take the mind off of the day’s stress and to-do’s. Drew Ackerman, who refers to himself as “Dearest Scooter”, taps into this childhood solution and has created long, bizarre stories about the most random of topics all captured and distributed as the “Sleep With Me Podcast.”

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He starts off each podcast with a brief introduction telling the listener that it is a safe space and there is no pressure to listen to the story. It’s even easy to fall asleep within this introduction because of his monotone, drawling and deep voice. If you’re able to make it into the story, they vary from crazy imaginative adventures to mundane tales of mashed potatoes and gravy. His most recent holiday story is about Roberta Claus where Dearest Scooter told the story of a sleigh with elves who met an Evergreen Creature who wore camouflage or peacock feathers that looks like a gnome or a troll or some other unknown creature that was genderless or maybe a male. All of that information was not said at hyper-speed a la Lorelai and Rory from “Gilmore Girls,” but instead like your grandpa who is talking about a golf tournament.

When actively listening to the content of the stories, Scooter often times pauses and acknowledges that the story doesn’t actually make sense, or that it is a little ridiculous to be talking about a genderless gnome. His descriptions convey a sincere effort to help everyone to have better sleep, which makes the process even more relaxing because of his comforting message.

I first came across the “Sleep With Me” podcast when I was trying to become a morning person but just couldn’t wind down early enough to make it a regular routine. When Googling “night time noises” and “background music to sleep to” I found a lot of weird animal sounds that were more creepy than smooth. Then I stumbled on the “podcast that puts you to sleep.” The first time I listened to it I fell asleep within ten minutes (I think, but it was fast). My friends and family know that I can quickly conk out when watching a movie, but I found the podcast even more effective because I had very few stimulants. With no lights flashing and just one, droning voice, I was fast asleep.

The creative story line with pointless information makes for a mildly amusing distraction to put your right to zzzzz. If you find yourself counting sheep for hours, try Sleep With Me Podcast to solve your bedtime struggles.

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