30-Minute Workout With Your Bodyweight and a Treadmill

If you holidazed your way through today, you still have time to get in a good sweat. Don’t look at the limited studio schedules as a hinderance. You can roll out your mat either near a treadmill or in a room with a little space and get in a great workout wherever you are.

Here’s your bodyweight and a treadmill workout: 

You can do this workout two ways:

  • the first is bodyweight-only (30 minutes)
  • the second is bodyweight with a treadmill sprint at the end of each set (about 45 minutes)

If you opt for bodyweight-only, you’ll just do the bodyweight set. If you opt for the version with a treadmill, you’ll add a .25 mile sprint at the end of each bodyweight set.

Bodyweight set: Work for :45, rest for :10 

  • Swimmers
  • Triceps dips
  • Drop squat
  • Full range of motion push-ups
  • Low boat to high boat
  • Donkey kick (right)
  • Donkey kick (left)
  • Single leg lunge jump (right)
  • Single leg lunge jump (left)
  • Forearm plank reaches

Treadmill add-on:

  • Run to .25 miles as quickly as you can

Here are your exercises:

Swimmers: Laying face-down keep your neck in a straight line with your spine. Keep your arms and legs straight. Lift your arms straight up off the floor and your heels up, staying hip-width. Lift your right arm up 3 inches and your left leg up 3 inches. Then switch.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_swimmers_3 asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_swimmers_2


Triceps dips: Facing up, with your hands and feet on the ground, bend your elbows and straighten them to lower down  and raise back up. To make this move more challenging, straighten your legs.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_triceps-dips_2 asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_triceps-dips

Drop squat: Start with feet together and your hands to your sides. Hop your feet out to hip-width distance as you drop your seat down to knee-height, while reaching your right hand up and touching your left hand down. Hop your feet back together and drop down to your squat position again, switching your hands.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_drop-squat_3 asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_drop-squat_2asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_drop-squat_3asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_drop-squat_1

Full range of motion push-ups: Start in a plank position on your hands. Bend your elbows out to lower down touching your chest to the ground and push up to return to a plank position. Keep your body in a straight line as you move. If you feel your hips falling, drop to your knees.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_push-up_2 asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_push-up_1asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_push-up_2

Low boat to high boat:  Start in a low boat position, with your heels and shoulder blades lifted off the floor. Keeping your back flat, pull your knees towards your chest while pulling your core in tightly. Return to your starting position. Option: place your hands behind you to make this more attainable.asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_low-to-high-boat_2asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_low-to-high-boat_1asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_low-to-high-boat_2

Donkey kick: On all fours, bend your left knee to 90 degrees and keep your foot flexed. Start with your knee at hip height. Stomp your foot up towards ceiling and return to your starting position.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_donkey-kicks_2 asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_donkey-kicks_1

Single-leg lunge jump: With your feet about hip-width distance, stand in a split stance. Drop your back knee down to hover off of the floor so that your legs are both bent at 90 degree angles. Keeping your feet where they are, explode up off the floor jumping about 3 inches. Return to your starting position.


Forearm plank reaches: Start in a forearm plank position, with your forearms on the floor and your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Keep your core pulled in tight and your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Reach your left arm forward in front of your shoulders, then return to your starting position, then reach your right arm forward in front of your shoulder.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_forearm-plank-reach_3 asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_forearm-plank-reach_2asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_forearm-plank-reach_3asweatlife_30-minute-workout-with-your-bodyweight-and-a-treadmill_forearm-plank-reach_1


(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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