Do This Sweaty 30-Minute Workout Alone or With a Friend

As Maggie and I walked from meeting to meeting today, the city had a wonderfully familiar feeling. It was like the day after finals meets a snow day. Nobody was working. Everyone was wearing blue. People were at bars at 11 am. Chicago, this week is wonderfully off-the-rails.

If you were reveling in Chicago or anywhere in the world, this 30-minute workout is for you. It’s quick, challenging and rewards your effort.

Because it’s entirely bodyweight-based, it’s easy to do in your living room or in your hotel room if you find yourself on the road this weekend. Have a friend you want to work out with? There’s an option for that too.

Here’s your workout:

Do these three sets four total times. Each set has two exercises that you’ll complete as quickly as you can and then you’ll do an isometric hold.

If you’re working alone, use a stop watch to time how long it takes you to complete exercise one and two. Hold the isometric exercise for that same amount of time.

If you’re working out with a friend, partner 1 will do exercise one and two while parter two holds the isometric exercise. When partner one completes her exercises, switch. Both parters will do the full set four total times.

Set 1: 4x

  • Exercise 1: 10 alternating offset push-ups
  • Exercise 2: 10 squat jumps
  • Isometric hold: Squat hold for the same amount of time it took to finish the set 

Set 2: 4x

  • Exercise 1: 20 lunge jumps
  • Exercise 2: 10 leg lifts
  • Isometric hold: V-sit hold for the same amount of time it took to finish the set

Set 3: 4x

  • Exercise 1: 10 burpees
  • Exercise 2: 10 forearm plank reaches
  • Isometric hold: full-arm plank for the same amount of time it took to finish the set

Here are your exercises:

Offset push-ups: In a plank position, stagger your hands, starting with your right hand forward and your left hand in line with your shoulders. Lower down by bending your elbows, keeping your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Push back up and switch the position of your hands, moving your left hand forward and your right hand beneath your shoulder.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_offset-push-up_4 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_offset-push-up_3 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_offset-push-up_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_offset-push-up_1

Squat jumps: Start in an athletic position, with your knees behind your toes and your feet hip-width distance, lower down and back, bringing your seat to a parallel position with your knees. From the bottom of that range of motion, explode up.  Land softly, returning to your starting position.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_squat-jump_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_squat-jump_1

Squat hold: Start in an athletic position, with your knees behind your toes and your feet hip-width distance, lower down and back, bringing your seat to a parallel position with your knees. Hold there.


Lunge jumps: Start in a lunge position with your front knee bent at 90 degrees and your back knee driving down towards the floor. Staying tall through your torso, jump and switch the position of your legs while you’re mid-air and land with the opposite leg forward. Be sure to keep weight in your front heel and that your front knee stays behind your front toe.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_lunge-jump_3 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_lunge-jump-2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_lunge-jump_1

Leg lifts: In a supine position place your hands next to your glutes. Drive your lower back down to the ground as you float your feet 3-6 inches off the ground to start the movement. Lift your legs up to the point at which your feet are above your hips and lower back down to your starting position.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_leg-lift_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_leg-lift_1

V-sit hold: Sitting on the floor with your heels lifted and close to in line with your knees, lean back to engage your core keeping your back flat and shoulders rolled back. Hold there.


Burpees:  Squat down, touching the floor and jump back into a plank. Lower down to the floor, allowing your chest to touch the floor, staying in control. Push back up, jump forward into your squat position again and jump into the air.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_burpee_4 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_burpee_3 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_burpee_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_burpee_1




Forearm plank reaches: With your forearms planted on the floor and your elbows beneath your shoulders, keep your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Reach your right arm forward from your shoulder, return to your starting position the reach your left arm forward.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_forearm-plank-reach_4 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_forearm-plank-reach_3 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_forearm-plank-reach_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-alone-or-with-a-friend_forearm-plank-reach_1

Full-arm plank: With your palms planted on the floor beneath your shoulders, keep your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Hold there, keeping your belly button pulled in.


(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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