A 30-Minute Holiday Season Workout

Well, well, well. Here we are, holiday season. The time of year when we get to be thankful and experience all of this joy with our friends and family. But to give off that whole celebratory vibe, you’ve got to feel good. And to feel good, you can’t walk around feeling low-energy and acting low-fun.

A daily dose of movement will keep you feeling your best between feasts, Festivuses, Festivals of Light and hanging your stockings with pride. That’s why we’ve created a library of 30-minute workouts for you as you travel or just get busy during your holiday season.

Here’s your workout:

You’re going to do this set three times total – reducing the amount of time you work each time. As always, make sure you do a dynamic workout before you start.

Set 1: Work for :50 and rest for :10
Set 2: Work for :40 and rest for :10
Set 3: Work for :30 and rest for :10

  • flutter kicks
  • Mountain climber
  • Lateral hops
  • Push-ups
  • ankle taps
  • High knees
  • Clock lunge right
  • Clock lunge left
  • spiderman plank

These are your moves:

flutter kicks: With your hands next to your glutes, lay face-up on the floor. Flex your feet and switch kick your feet. Pull your core in tight and keep your lower back on the ground. If it’s too difficult to keep your low back on the ground, take your feet up higher and do the same movement.



Mountain climber: Start in a plank position, with your hands under your shoulders and your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Jog your right knee in towards your chest, then switch positions with your other foot. asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_push-ups_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_mountain-climbers_2


Lateral hops: Starting in an athletic position, with your feet about hip-width distance and a slight bend in your knee, hop up and over an imaginary line. Keep a soft knee and stay quick for the entire set.



Push-ups: Start with your hands planted firmly on the ground just outside of your shoulders and keep your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Bend your elbows to lower down and straighten to push back up. If you need to drop down to your knees, keep your shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_push-ups_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_push-ups_1

Ankle taps: Lifting your head, neck and shoulders off of the floor, pull your belly button in and flex through your obliques as you tap your right hand to your right ankle. Return to your starting position and then tap your left hand to your left ankle.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_core_3 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_core_2asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_core_3


High knees: Landing softly on the balls of your feel, drive your right knee and left arm up and switch.


Clock lunge: Keeping you left leg planted, you’ll do three different types of lunges. Start by stepping forward into a lunge with your right foot, keep your right knee behind your right toe, then return to your starting position. Then step your right foot out to the side, keeping your right toe pointed straight forward and your right heel driving into the floor. Step back to center. Then step your right foot back into a lunge, dropping your right knee down towards the ground. Repeat in that order for your full set.


asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_clock-lunge_4  asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_clock-lunge_6asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_clock-lunge_3




Spiderman plank: in a forearm position with your elbows beneath your shoulders and your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Drive your right knee out and towards your right elbow and return to your plank. Then drive your left knee out and towards your left elbow. Keep alternating.

asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_spiderman-plank_3 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_spiderman-plank_2 asweatlife_a-30-minute-workout-to-do-on-the-road-or-wherever-you-are_spiderman-plank_1


(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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