Your 30-Minute Band Workout

It’s time to face the truth. It’s getting colder. Whether you’re fighting an unyielding desire to not leave your house because the temperatures are suddenly fall degrees or you’re losing your mind to find ways to embrace sweater weather, you know what’s ahead of us. Not summer.

Darker mornings can mean that it’s harder to get out of bed and when it’s harder to get out of bed, your workout can fall by the wayside.

So this month, we’re putting together workouts that you can do in about 30 minutes with little-to-no equipment. Let’s warm up Autumn, yes?

We’re getting it started with a mini band workout. There is nothing more portable than a mini-band. It fits in your carry on, your under-seat storage area on the plane – hell – it fit’s in your pocket.

But don’t let its compact nature fool you. A mini band packs a giant workout.

Here’s your workout.

This slow and controlled workout has inspiration from barre and a lot of lateral movements aided by the band. It’s heavy on your shoulders and glutes. You’ve been warned. You’ll do this workout twice through. For all leg movements, the band will be above the knees and flat against you.

Timing: The first time, you’ll work for a minute and take 15 seconds to rest and transition and the second time you’ll work for 30 seconds and take 10 seconds to rest and transition.

  • Band walks
  • Band clam shells (right)
  • Band inner thigh lifts (right)
  • Band clam shells (left)
  • Band inner thigh lifts (left)
  • Standing banded glutes (right)
  • Standing banded glutes (left)
  • Banded wall-sits, driving the knees out
  • Banded straight-arm pulses out
  • Banded straight arm pulses up
  • Banded 90-degrees arm pulses up
  • Banded 90-degrees, elbows pulse out
  • Archer pull (right)
  • Archer pull (left)

Here are the moves:

Band walks: Start in an athletic position, with your feet hip-width distance, knees bent slightly and hinging forward from the hips. From there, take three steps in one direction – right, then left. right, then left. right, then left. – and then take three steps back to return to where you started.


asweatlife_band-workout_band-walk_2 asweatlife_band-workout_band-walk_3

Banded clam shells: Laying on your side with your head supported in your bottom hand, cross your top arm over your body. Bend your knees, leaving your bottom knee on the floor. Press the insoles of both feet together and lift both feet off the ground. From there, lift your top knee to the point at which you find resistance against the band. Open and close your top knee.



Band inner thigh lifts: With your band still above your knees, lay on your side. Support your head with your bottom hand, cross your top arm over your body. Keep both legs straight and cross your top leg behind your bottom leg. Flex your foot on your bottom leg and lift your bottom foot about 4-6 inches off the floor.

asweatlife_band-workout_inner-thigh-lift_2 asweatlife_band-workout_inner-thigh-lift_1

Standing banded glutes: Stand facing the wall with your band still just above your knees, hinge slightly from your hips, taking a bend in your standing leg. Your working leg will start in a straight line with the line of your back. Flex your foot on your working leg and keep it very straight. Activate your glutes and lift your heel 4-6 inches off the ground then return to your starting position.

asweatlife_band-workout_posterior-kick-back_1 asweatlife_band-workout_posterior-kick-back_2

Banded wall-sits, driving the knees out: With your band above your knees, take a seat against the wall. Your back will be flat, your ankles will be below your knee and your knees will be bent at 90 degrees. Push your knees out against the band, moving about 2-4 inches out and in.

asweatlife_band-workout_wall-sit_1 asweatlife_band-workout_wall-sit_2

Banded straight-arm pulses: With your band around your forearms, your arms straight and extended straight in front of your shoulders, push out against the band. Keep your arms at the shoulder height the entire time.



Banded straight arm pulses up: With your band around your forearms, your arms straight and extended straight in front of your shoulders, push against the resistance of the band just slightly keeping your arms straight. Pulse your hands up and down about three inches at a time.

asweatlife_band-workout_straight-arm-pulses_2 asweatlife_band-workout_straight-arm-pulses_1

Banded 90-degrees arm pulses up: Keeping the band around your forearms, bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Keep your arms about shoulder-distance apart and pulse your hands up and down about three inches.

asweatlife_band-workout_90-degree-pulses_1 asweatlife_band-workout_90-degree-pulses_2

Banded 90-degrees, elbows pulse out: Keeping the band around your forearms, bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Start with your arms in the same 90-degree position. Pulse your elbows out and bring your hands to touch.

asweatlife_band-workout_band-elbows-out-and-in_1 asweatlife_band-workout_band-elbows-out-and-in_2

Archer pull: Hold the band in one extended arm. Hold the other end of the band in your other hand, keeping the other elbow bent. Pull your elbow back like an archer shooting a bow and return to your starting position.



(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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