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Beverly Hills based, celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is known for transforming bodies of clients like Khloe Kardashian and Sofia Vergara. He’s been a leading trainer in the fitness industry for years and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing and customizing training plans to achieve maximum results for his clients.

Recently, I participated in a workout with Gunnar Peterson during which he took us through a series of movements using mini resistance bands. Besides it being one of the coolest workouts of my life because I was working out with Gunnar Peterson (!), I concluded that mini resistance bands are tough and a great way to build strength. Not to mention, they’re transportable and cheap so they’re a good training tool for anyone working out at home or on-the-go.  

Here is a quick, full body workout with moves from Gunnar Peterson. Do each exercise for one minute. Repeat the circuit two times total.

Mini Resistance Band Full Body Workout

Single Leg Foot Tap (works your glutes/hamstring/hips): With the band around your ankles, stand on one leg. With control, slowly tap your other leg to the front, to the side and to the back, fighting the resistance of the band. Repeat on the other leg, alternating your supporting leg for the full minute.

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Bicycle Crunch (works your core): With a band around the arches of your feet, lie on your back with your knees in a tabletop position and your fingers behind your neck, elbows out wide. Bring your opposite elbow to your opposite knee (rotating through your core), extending your other leg long. Alternate side to side doing a bicycle crunch. As you extend your leg long, feel your abs pull in to fight the resistance of the band.

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“The Katniss” (works your shoulders/back): Take the resistance band in both hands. Take both hands over to your left side, parallel with your shoulder, hold the band strong in your left hand (arm straight) and pull the other part of the band with your right hand. Your right hand pulls the band to your right shoulder.

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Plank Jacks (works your core/shoulders/hips): With the band around your ankles, come to a plank position. Hop your feet out and in, fighting the resistance of the band. Keep your shoulders stacked over your wrists and hips parallel to the floor.

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One Arm Row (works your upper back/shoulders): Stand with the band under your right foot, grab the other end of the band with your right hand. Bending at your hips, make a flat back. Pull your right elbow back, hand by your hip, like a narrow row. Do one full minute on the right side before switching to the left.

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Hip Lifts (works your glutes/inner thighs): Lying on your back, pull the resistance band onto your thighs, just above your knees. Plant your feet flat on the floor, hip distance apart. Lift your hips to the sky, and release. Fight the resistance of the band by keeping your knees stacked over your ankles.

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Russian Twist (works your core/shoulders): From a seated position, put the band around your wrists. Keeping your arms straight, and your hands shoulder distance apart, rotate through your core side to side.


I particularly love picking up a resistance band at home for a quick strength circuit after a long run or bike ride!

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  1. Very smart. The political scene these days isn’t cause for great optimism but women like you and others whose ideas and habits I’ve read at aSweatLife are. At age 61, I’m gonna fetch me some mini bands!
    (I missed not having the correct illustration instagram for The Katniss. Those pictorials are very helpful.) Thanks for sharing some of what you experienced with Mr. Peterson. Hope something special happens in your day today!

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