#Sweatworking Does a Double-Header at Chi50 With a Run on the 606


When we plan #Sweatworking, we aim to make the experience special for you – it’s a sneaky way to entice you to try something new. To do that, we work with partners across the city who offer up their signature format(s) with a twist.

After testing out the workout at Chi50, we knew we had to invite you in for a #Sweatworking event at this Bucktown studio.

We partnered with the studio to create a unique indoor and outdoor experience July 21 that will get you on a reformer and take you out for a run.

Chi50 features workouts that follow the Lagree method, the fast-paced cousin to Pilates taking the country by storm. With its megaformer and feel-the-burn methodology of engaging every muscle in every class – especially your core – you’ll walk away knowing you’ve done something worthwhile.

And because Chi50 is a couple walking-lunges away from an entrance to the 606 trail, Nike Run Club Coach Dave Coligado will get our heart rates up with a jog on this greenway. So from this event, you’ll get your coveted cardio, a chance to get onto the 606 and you’ll experience a workout on the megaformer.

After aSweatLife writer Rachel and I tried it, here’s what you can expect from the Megaformer and the studio owned by Cheri Byrd:

“Throughout class, whether we were lunging, planking or wheelbarrowing, the core was always working, which Pilates enthusiasts have come to expect – although it’s important to note this isn’t technically Pilates, it’s Lagree, but the premise is similar. And in these classes, moves like mermaid, scrambled eggs and catfish – yes, these are the names of exercises –  deliver on the promise of a full-body burn.

By the time we walked out of this welcoming studio, we knew our abs had been duped. Rachel reported that she could move her torso without feeling every ab muscle by Saturday of that week, and I was in similarly rough shape. Crop-top abs, here we come.

Come with a friend and save $5 each.

Let us know!

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