Your Lunch Bunch Menu for Next Week: Asian Fusion


Have you tried the Lunch Bunch yet? Every week, aSweatLife enjoys having lunches planned by Registered Dietitian Catherine Borkowski. She creates grocery lists, recipes to prep on Sunday and a list of creative ways to mix-and-match the recipes you prepped to keep your lunch interesting every day.

You may be wondering why we’re focusing on lunch. Great question. Glad you asked. We’re honing in on this one meal because lunch is sort or the last frontier for healthy eating. You’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’re likely spending 3 pm onward considering what you’ll have for dinner. Lunch? Lunch is a thing that just sort of happens for most busy professionals.

Instead of running to whatever quick service restaurant is closest and stuffing whatever is moderately healthy in your face, we’re challenging you to spend just over an hour (seriously, we timed it) preparing your lunch ingredients for the week. From there, you’ll put together your mix-and-match ingredients either the night before or the morning of and you’ll enjoy eating fresh, delicious, nutritious lunches all week long.

This week, we’re eating a lunch that features an Asian-Fusion theme. Because Catherine and I work hand-in-hand in refining the guides, I get to try the lunches in advance. This week is spectacular. When I told Catherine how I felt about the peanut sauce – which was some version of, “I love it so much, I want to take a bath in it,” she told me that she felt the same way about this menu. Maybe not the bath part.

I loved it all, but I was really into the lettuce wraps, which pack really well in a glass-lock container.

Ready for lunch? Get the menu!



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