Getting social and sweaty at #AtlasSweatworking

At FabFitChicago, we believe that variety is the spice of life and we know that sometimes it takes guts to walk into a gym where you don’t know anyone to try something totally new.

That’s why we started putting together our monthly Sweatworking events where we take over a gym for an event that is part workout and part networking. If everyone in the class is new to the gym, it takes a little bit of the edge off and gives you the chance to get in a good workout all while meeting some new friends along the way.

For May’s sweatworking event, we took over Atlas Performance, a gym in River North, which features both CrossFit and circuit training classes that tone while getting your heart rate up without ever stepping anywhere near a barbell. We kept our workout to circuit training.

Our instructor Brendan put the class through the ringer. He devised a workout with 5 circuits that we all did Four times. Each circuit was focused on something different arms, legs, abs, total body or cardio.


(All photos in this post are courtesy of Christiana Basso)

Brendan talked through the workout, but until he said the words, “burpee broad jump” no one really knew what they were in for.


We had some seriously tough cookies in the house like Betina from CrossTown Fitness who led one of our #CTFSweatworking classes, Nicole, the  founder of Cleanse Culture and Jen owner of Nutritious in the City, who were all killing it on the wall balls.


The total body series required a little extra encouragement from coach Brendan, but this group refused to quit.




Weights? Med balls? Cardio equipment? The action was non-stop.


By the time the group got through its final set, everyone was a little too sweaty to bring it in for a cuddly photo. As my great grandmother used to say, “It’s too hot for love.”


That hard work earned us all some treats post-workout. Culture Cleanse provided juices from is Signature Seasonal Juice Cleanse for sweatworkers to throw back, including Fat Blaster and Minty Cucumber Melon Cooler.


One sweatworker, Libby, took home a free one-day cleanse.


MyFitFoods provided snacks for the group, including a version of the store’s Chicken Fruit Bowl, which gives you a great burst of carbs and protein post-workout, which is what your body needs to recover.


After the sweat cleared, everyone walked out with gift bags holding goodies from Cleanse Culture, My fit Foods, Pretzel Crisps, Muscle Milk, European Wax Center and Atlas Performance.


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{Disclosure: products mentioned throughout this post were sponsors of the #AtlasSweatworking event.}

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