Vigorous at Tejas Yoga

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Studio: Tejas Yoga, 1300 S. Wabash Ave. Suite 201

Class Focus: This is a challenging yoga class that throws some monkey wrenches into what you may expect from your asanas. New pose combinations can be expected and you can also look for fun challenges like head stands and other inversions.

Cost per class: $17

Money saving offers: 

  • $13 classes for students
  • $50: Intro to Yoga Package(five sessions including mat rental)
  • Class packages can be purchased to bring the price down to as low as $12/class

The Fab Fit Take:

I’ve been journeying around Chicago living the life of a fitness-nomad using the multi-gym membership, Gymphoria. One of the studios on their network is Tejas Yoga, which I have been meaning to find a time to try for months.

When I finally walked into Tejas Yoga , it felt a bit like walking into a friend’s living room and it’s almost impossible not to sit and chat for a while. photo 4

That warmth isn’t kept to the lobby, this is a yoga studio is filled with a true community vibe. Every yogi in my class knew each other, but not in a weird, we’re-all-friends-and-you’re-not-invited kind of way. They included me – a newcomer – in their conversations and interpreted their insider jokes for me. Swoon.

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That community crush carried over to the instructor, Keely, who was a mix of that inviting sprit and that coach who knows that you can do better. She gives you the option to challenge yourself in every pose and something in her voice makes you reach for it (in a totally safe and inclusive way).

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The title of the class “vigorous” is not a letdown. The movement through poses is constant and brought a mild glisten to my face. Read: I sweat enough to justify my mat towel. At one point we flowed from downward dog directly to upward facing dog. And it blew. My. Yogi. Mind.

Those tweaks to the yoga that you’ve come to expect can keep get your attention and make your practice interesting again.

When we got to the part of class that called for inversions, something in me reverted to a 3-years-old who sees an open floor and wants to cartwheel, flip, somersault or sprawl. This has come to be my downfall in yoga class, at about the time that the instructor says, “and now it’s time for headstands.” I will try every option you give me.

Thankfully, I know myself and through years of this stupidity, I’ve learned to roll out of a headstand-fall without injuring myself. Regardless of that, Keely coached me into a safer headstand and she said I fell “gracefully,” so obviously it was all intentional.

Then came shavasana, the part of class I’ve come to appreciate with each passing year. Whereas I’m usually chanting silently, “please just 5 more minutes of cellphone free time,” I was not left wanting more quiet. We got the perfect amount of relaxation and I left with one less crease in my forehead (so really, shavasana is almost botox, you’re welcome).

This studio is wonderful place to roll out your mat and is a must-do in the south loop.

Date taken: 2/5/2014

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