A craving-buster: Cauliflower pizza crust

Years ago, I ate my way through a semester abroad in Italy. It was kind of like “Eat. Pray. Love.” except no praying and like three total weekends that included love. That six-month adventure reprogrammed my cravings: now when a craving hits, it’s usually carb-y and Italian.

Instead of denying my unyielding need for prosciutto (I really, really need it, you guys), I embrace and adapt this stuff to be healthier. One thing I’ve really had a hankering for is Napoli-style pizza – that delicious, crispy, thin-crust pizza.

When I saw the cauliflower pizza crust recipe on Tasty Kitchen, I had to try it and make it fit my craving: Pizza Margherita. Don’t tell any Italian Grandmas about this. They will not let you live.

This recipe does a great job walking through the step-by-step of making this crust. A few things that are musts:

  • Don’t skip draining your heated, ground up cauliflower in cheese cloth or a clean towel
  • Use grated mozzerella. Don’t make the mistake I did using mozzerella di bufala, even if you’ve pressed the liquid out – it may make your crust gooey. So, so delicious, but gooey.

I followed the recipe for the crust to a T and it was so delicious, even Fiance loved it.  My toppings were swapped to fit my craving: basil, tomatoes, prosciutto and mozzarella di bufala.

Start with raw cauliflower, put in a food processor and pulse.photo 1

Process until you have cauliflower the texture of snow. Microwave, let cool and then squeeze all of the liquid out of it.

photo 2

Add cheese, spices and an egg to your cauliflower, mix and spread out into a pizza sized crust.photo 3

Bake until golden brown around the edges and top. photo 4

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

Mamma mia! There you have it: a pizza that will satisfy your craving for all things Italian, but is a little lower on the glycemic index.

photo 5

Get the recipe from Tasty Kitchen.

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