Gymphoria: A membership for fitness explorers

In a world full of options, why sit still? For someone with a roaming fitness curiosity like me, committing to a fitness membership is usually a tough sell. Enter Gymphoria – the multi-gym membership that gets you access to classes across the city.

With one membership, you can walk into classes at Krav Academy, Zen Yoga Garage, KTF CrossFit, Cross Town Fitness, Krav Maga Force, UFC Gym, River North Gym, Real Ryder Revolution, Yoga Loft and Tejas Yoga. More studios are joining Gymphoria every week to continue helping you spice things up. That means that one membership gives you access to CrossFit, Spinning, yoga, yoga sculpt, barre, kickboxing, Krav maga, circuit training and more.

Memberships through Gymphoria costs $135 per month and the membership operates on a 135-point-per-month system that gives members the option to choose from classes that cost anywhere from 5-9 points. If you’re doing the math, you can get in about four different studio workouts a week at the 9-point-per-class rate and six at the 5-point-per-class rate.

Checking in at a studio is all done via the mobile web app, which helps users keep track of total points used …

The mobile app also keeps track of the system’s class schedule.

You don’t have to commit to anything beyond a month-to-month membership, so if you fall in love with one of the gyms in the system and want to become monogamous with it, you don’t have to beg to cancel your contract.

Because I believe that adding the spice of variety to your workouts is truly the secret to enjoying fitness and Gymphoria is founded on that same ideal, we’re both excited to offer a discounted rate to readers!


  • Try Gymphoria for free! How? Use the code fabfit as the answer to ‘How did you hear about us?’ when registering with Gymphoria (for free) and you will automatically start with 15 Gymphoria points, enough for 2-3 workouts.
  • Get a discounted first month of membership! Use the code fabfit in the promo code field on Gymphoria’s ‘Payments’ page before purchasing points and you will receive your first month at only $99, over a 25% discount.

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