Core Bar at Indigo Studio
  • January 29, 2014
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    Studio: Indigo Studio, 735 N LaSalle Street

    Class Focus: This class is brings the Scandinavian sensation fusing strength with cardio training to River North.

    Cost per class: $20

    Money saving offers: There is a variety of class packs to bring the cost down as low as $10/class. (See more)

    • $40.00: Starter Package (Includes 3 classes)
    • $195: Monthly Unlimited

    The Fab Fit Take:

    Imported from Norway to Indigo Studio by instructor Sue Koch as a bit of a passion project, Corebar challenges you to an hour of strength and cardio using its signature prop: the Corebar. This prop is a lightly weighted body bar that is bent to make it easily integrated into all exercises.

    Core Bar

    The prop made its way into every second of class in different positions and different movements. We upped the cardio intensity, destabilized the body and we even found a way to incorporate the prop into planks and pushups.

    We added some extra challenge to lower body exercise by taking the Corebar overhead to destabilize while doing some killer squats and lunges. Instructor Sue Koch and I demonstrated this move post-workout. The sweat speaks for itself.


    Sue is over-the-moon enthusiastic. I’ve been trying to take a class with her since meeting her in my other, nerdier life (aka my day job) and I regret every minute that I waited.

    Sue also teaches Zumba and brings that same dancer’s flair to Corebare. There’s some fancy footwork in this class that adds a bit of a mental challenge if you’re like me and you have to break down choreography into counts and patterns. Never fear, uncoordinated friends! All dance-y segments are digestible if you’re a so-so aerobic dancer. No matter your level of expertise, you’ll enjoy a serious aerobic dance party.

    You can see this class format in action by watching the video below. Pardon the Español, but this is a global fitness phenomenon that you have to see to understand.

    Date taken: 1/12/2014

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