Barre Bee at Barre Bee Fit

Class title: Barre Bee

Studio: Barre Bee Fit (River North), 435 N. LaSalle Boulevard

Other Chicago Locations:

  • Gold Coast: 1165 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60610
  • Lincoln Park: 1962 N. Clybourn Chicago, IL 60614

Class Focus: Toning and strengthening long, lean muscles with isometric motions. There are usually two one-minute “cardio blasts” in each class ranging from burpees to woodchoppers.

Cost per class: $18

Money saving offers:

  • One month unlimited with 3 month renewal: $99
  • The larger the package you buy, the more you save on classes

Who should take the class: Women looking to get lean and tone up, especially if you’ve ever referred to yourself as “thunder thighs.”

The Fab Fit take:

This class is a challenge. If you’ve ever uttered a sting of expletives at a fitness instructor, but walked out happy, you should consider this as your next opportunity to swear under your breath while gingerly squatting repeatedly.

I must admit that I’m ultra-biased towards this class and studio in particular as it’s what made me a believer in Barre workouts. I’ve been taking 3-5 classes with Barre Bee Fit weekly for 3 months and I’ve seen results, mostly in slimming out the thighs, butt, arms and abs. So, in summary, all of me.

The studio is charming and full of life. The instructors are young, fit and understand that half of their jobs is to distract you from whatever pain you’re in at the moment. There are new playlists weekly and some instructors make their own, but the music is always upbeat and fun.

The class generally follows this format:

  • Warmup (2 minutes)
  • Planks/pushups (~5-10 minutes)
  • Abs (~10 minutes)
  • Arms (~10 minutes)
  • Cardio blast (1 minute)
  • Stretching (~5 minutes)
  • Thighs (~10 minutes)
  • Stretching (~5 minutes)
  • Cardio blast (1 minute)
  • Glutes (~5 minutes)
  • Stretching (~5 minutes)

The routines are constantly changing and so are the props used, so you’ll almost always find at least one muscle group to complain about to your friends.


  1. At the River North location, you need to sign up for a class on the first day possible (a week and a day prior) or you will be placed on the wait list. You’ll almost always still make it into the class.
  2. You will pay for not showing up. Aside from the class fee, you’ll pay a $10 no-show/late cancel fee if you don’t cancel your reservation 4 hours prior. You can also view this as a motivator.

The verdict: I love this class. I have to space out my reservations because I have literally had to explain why I’m limping through my office in the past.

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