How to Improve Your Financial Wellness This Year

Managing your money well is a form of self-care.

The Best Workout for Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Your next workout is written in the stars.

How to Plan a Holiday Staycation

Staycations are a perfect way to save money and avoid travel stress.

Peloton’s Adaptive Training Program Makes Fitness More Accessible

They’re offering a seated adaptive strength program and fitness program for caregivers.

Peloton’s Logan Aldridge on Adaptive Fitness

Here’s what Peloton’s newest instructor wants you to know about adaptive fitness.

How to Practice Mindfulness in Nature

It’s time to take in the beauty around you.

We Need to Talk About Traveling as a Person With a Disability

Because you deserve a safe, accommodating journey.

What is Climate Anxiety, and How Can You Deal With It?

Are you one of the 64 percent of people who are “somewhat worried” about global warming? If so, read this.

When Will It Be Okay to *Not* Be Okay?

Asking for ourselves, TBH.


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