Navigating the Holidays Away from Home

Find magic and meaning this holiday season even if you aren’t home for the holidays—here’s how.

How to Use Deep Breathing for Instant Stress Relief

Three types of breathing exercises guaranteed to calm you down instantly.

S’August: How I Embraced Sober Curiosity For A Month

It may not be as catchy as Sober October, but here’s how one writer’s Sober August changed her perspective on drinking and socializing.

How to Learn to Enjoy Doing Things Solo

Get out of your comfort zone and learn the joy of being completely independent—here’s how.

How Backpacking and Minimalism Taught Me Self-Love

With so much less, traveling encouraged me to fall in love with myself even more.

What We Can Learn From the Beginner’s Mindset

During a Vietnamese yoga class, this writer figured out what it means to embrace a beginner’s mindset—even when you think you’re an expert in something.

How Backpacking Has Shifted My Priorities From “Fitness” To “Staying Active”

After moving abroad, this writer’s priorities shifted from “working out” to “staying active.”


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