Resistance Bands Still Offer a Heck of a Workout – Especially With This Creative Twist

It’s easy to understand the popularity of resistance bands. They’re fairly simple to use, tone lots of different muscles, are portable, and are generally priced within reach. But, if you’ve been in the market for a set, you might notice that most of them aren’t too different from one another. Other than offering different resistance levels or fun colors, there really isn’t a major difference between resistance band brands – until now. 

A new brand, Buckleband, is changing the resistance band game. Aptly named, the Buckleband is a resistance band with (you guessed it) a buckle. Every set includes four bands, each with a different resistance level. Bucklebands can also be buckled together to accommodate all bodies, levels of fitness, and physical changes.

I recently tried Bucklebands and was truly impressed. They were far easier to use than stepping into standard resistance bands. They were also wider and appear to be thicker than my previous set. Best of all, they’re unlikely to roll, which is something that most resistance band users encounter. 

I recently spoke with the founders of Buckleband, Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Low. We discussed the popularity of resistance bands, the best ways to use them, and why their idea is so innovative.  

buckleband starter kit

How did you come up with the idea for Buckleband?

Zimmerman: The idea for Buckleband came to me in one of those cliché aha moments. I was at the gym, watching a trainer work with a client. The trainer kept taking one of those non-looped resistance bands and tying them around his client’s legs to get the exact positioning and tension he wanted. I kind of just realized wow, wouldn’t a resistance band be so much easier if it had a buckle?!

I realized this idea had great applications in the fitness space, especially for those with any mobility limitations or even in physical therapy. 

Low: The fitness space has seen so many innovations in the past 5-10 years, from ClassPass to all the home gym systems like Mirror and Tonal. Resistance bands have never really changed, nor has anyone made a truly premium product in the space. Buckleband is one-of-a-kind and a gamechanger as far as resistance bands go. At $45 our pack of four is also very affordable— that’s the same you’ll spend on a single gym class in New York.

How is the Buckleband different from a standard resistance band?

Zimmerman: Think of a traditional resistance band. You stretch it and pull it over your legs or arms and then tug and pull and push to the spot you want it. With Buckleband you just click right into place — none of that hassle. 

Low: What you have to consider too is not everyone is in the perfect physical shape whereby they can use a resistance band as it’s intended to be used. What the buckle really does is it lets everyone use bands. Resistance bands are recommended by almost every physical therapist, but how is someone supposed to use one if they can’t get it on?

buckleband side lying leg lift

Why do you think resistance bands are so popular?

Low: I was always one of those guys who worked out my upper body and had to be forced to do leg day. When Ryan came to me with Buckleband I had no experience with resistance bands, but of course, had to get into them. I started with a leg routine I found in a running magazine online. Within just a few weeks, I clearly saw what all the fuss was about. My balance improved. I used to have knee pain that just went away. For the first time in my life, I had glutes! Resistance bands are just a really effective, low-impact way to workout, and you can do at home or take them anywhere.

Why are resistance bands such a good workout?

Zimmerman: Resistance bands support the stabilizer muscle groups, which we need to maintain. They are crucial in supporting other muscle groups and joints, and [resistance bands are] highly effective for strength training. They’re also generally safer to use (than free weights).

What are some of the best exercises to do with resistance bands?

Low: I’m going to refer you to the first routine I started doing with resistance bands because to this day it’s still my favorite— 10 Resistance Band Exercises for Stronger Legs. This routine fixed my knee pain and has my legs in the best shape of their life. I particularly like the simple squats and lateral band steps with the bands. 

buckleband squat

The other incredible thing about Buckleband, compared to a regular band, is the fact that you can easily do rows or even chest presses. Find anything you can securely snap the band around, and you can do a row or a press. Also, if you need extra length on the bands, you can click two of them together. This greatly expands the workout options compared to regular bands.

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