[CLOSED] Enter for a Chance to Win an Opopop Discovery Kit!

(This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winners: Tracy, Cynthia, Thomas, Sandy, and Christi!)

Popcorn might be the ultimate snack food. Easy to make, very portable, and almost impossible to have in small quantities. And even better, it’s even got some notable health benefits that make popcorn one of our go-to snacks.

But if you thought there wasn’t a way to improve on the classic buttered popcorn, we’re thrilled to say you’re wrong. The mad scientists in Opopop’s lab have tasted and tested tons of combinations to come up with creative flavors, like Vanilla Cake Pop, Chedapeno, Maui Heat, and more. Plus, to make sure your snack is popped to perfection every time, they’ve even engineered their own fool-proof BPA-free, dishwasher-safe popper. The popper is designed to  go straight from the microwave to your lap, so you don’t even need to get a different bowl dirty (an underrated benefit, if you ask us).

Want to try Opopop for yourself? You’re in luck – we’re partnering with them to give away five Flavor Wrapped Kernels Discovery Kits. Each Opopop Discovery Kit includes the following:

  • Their signature yellow microwave popcorn popper and lid
  • 6 pouches of Flavor Wrapped Kernels: Vanilla Cake Pop, Cinnalicious, Maui Heat, Chedapeno, Fancy Butter, and Salted Umami
  • 1 Test Launch pouch of their Lightly Salted flavor, so you can test your microwave’s cook time before trying the other flavors

Enter below for a chance to win this Opopop Discovery Kit – good luck!

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  1. Love this prize!! I have yet to try this, however am already thinking if it is as good as it sounds this will be my go to gift next year.

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