Here’s how N!CK’S is showing up at the #Sweatworking Summit

Chances are, if we’re creating something, our partners at N!CK’S are involved. So as we approached the #Sweatworking Summit together, we wanted to lean into the fun that both of our brands like to have in what we do together. N!CK’S is always innovating around the sweets in your life, creating new ways to enjoy bars, snacks and thick, creamy, better-for-you ice cream. 

The great news is that you’ll get bars from N!CK’S that are, in their mix of Swedish and English, “nougat, karamell, and peanöts covered in rich chocolate.” What’s the Summit Box? It’s the box that everyone gets in the mail before the Summit, filled with goodies, swag and snacks to make the experience even more beneficial and exciting from home.  

You’ll also be able to catch one of our workouts brought to you by N!CK’S with a just-for-fun flair. What’s more, you can fuel post playful-sweat-session with a N!CK’S Swedish-style snack bar as the ultimate post-workout tasty treat.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to the #Sweatworking Summit, we’re focusing the event on flexing your mental muscle. You’ll find talks, workshops, and workouts built around helping you gain access to more meaningful mental health tools. 

To make it more accessible, the tickets are pay-what-you-can with an opportunity to fund a scholarship for someone who doesn’t have room in their budget for a ticket now. You can pay $25, which covers your own ticket, $50, which covers your ticket and a scholarship, or you can add your name to the queue for a scholarship and you’ll get access as they become available. 

#Sweatworking Meet Partner

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