For The Friend With The Sweet Tooth: N!CK’s Ice Cream Bundle

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Dad, if you’re about to read this—stop.

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Okay, now that it’s just us, here’s a peek behind my holiday shopping process. Every year, my sister and I go through the same thought process when making our list for my dad. What new golf gadget has come out? Does he need any new polo shirts or sweaters? (Yes, nearly always.) Is there some techy thing he’d be curious about, a new pickleball paddle we could get monogrammed, an app for his piano keyboard so he could learn to play a few Billy Joel songs? 

And these ideas are all great and good, but the problem is, we’ve gone through them once a year for the past 30-something years. This year, we’ve decided to appeal to one of his unique personality traits we’ve never leaned into before: his sweet tooth.

We grew up in a house where “bedtime snack” was a meal, and we gently joke that my dad always has to have a breakfast dessert after his Cheerios—usually a donut of some sort. But when N!CK’s launched their ice cream bundles, I instantly knew this would be something to gift my dad in December. Even better? I’m actually excited to place this order and see his reaction (and okay, yes, I *will* plan on helping him taste-test a few of my favorite flavors).

Here’s why we love N!CK’s for a gift

The sweet combinations are endlessly customizable for the person you’re gifting. Whether they’re a bar aficionado, a connoisseur of ice cream sandwiches, or just a classic ice cream lover, N!CK’s delivers Swedish-style desserts that are sure to delight.

My personal pick? For someone whose ice cream preferences I wasn’t totally sure about, I’d choose the Best Seller’s Bundle, which has six of N!CK’s best-selling pints, all with no added sugar. But specifically, I know my dad is into salted caramel, butter pecan, and mint chocolate chip whenever we go out. All of those happen to be in The Flavorites bundle, which is what I’ll be sending to his house for a sweet treat.

And don’t forget, N!CK’s has offerings for everyone, like their line of vegan ice creams and their Double Keto bundle of bars and ice cream pints.

Order today and get 35% off your online order!

Pro tip: Don’t wait to order, because early is better than late when it comes to holiday gifts (and freezer space). In fact, if you feel like taking five minutes to shop right now, N!CK’s opened up their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal (and added a little extra just for us!) early just for aSweatLife readers. Use code ASWEATLIFEBLACKFRIDAY to get 35% off your online order from 11/15 through 11/30.  It’s a pretty sweet deal, if we do say so ourselves.

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