How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Chicago and Beyond

[This post was created in partnership with N!CK’S Ice Cream. As always, we only partner with brands that we actually love – and we super love N!CK’s]

Chances are, if there is a thing or a concept you’re aware of – dogs, best friends, mental health awareness – there is a day to celebrate it. And honestly, if you had asked us in January of 2020 if this whole every-day-is-a-celebration thing was getting out of hand, we would have said, “yes!”

Flash forward to today, as we’re preparing to celebrate National Ice Cream day on July 18 and the week after – we feel completely different. This year, after spending so much time away from friends and family, sheltering in place, we plan to celebrate absolutely everything that sparks joy to us. 

On the hottest days of summer, we’re celebrating something we’ve loved since childhood: ice cream. And we’re doing it with a brand we love: N!CK’S, the Swedish, better for you sweets brand. 

Here’s how you can make National Ice Cream Day special, no matter where you live. 

1. In the United States: Enter for a chance to win our National Ice Cream Day giveaway 

In Partnership with N!CK’S, we’re not just giving away one huge prize for this sweepstakes. Nope, we’re giving away *lots* of prizes, and everyone who enters is a winner in our world. Just for entering this sweepstakes, we’ll send you a special discount code to get N!CK’s in your freezer for National Ice Cream Day.

  • One grand prize winner will get a N!CK’s picnic pack with a cooler, ice cream, bars and a picnic blanket.
  • 20 gold prize winners will get either vegan-friendly or non-vegan N!CK’s 6-pint pack with their choice of flavors sent to their doors
  • 100 runners up will get coupons for a free pint of N!CK’S, redeemable anywhere you can find a pint of N!CK’S on shelf 
  • Everyone who enters will get a sweet, sweet discount

Enter for a chance to win by 7/16/2021 and see rules here.

2. 7/22 at 8 pm: In Chicago, join us for a movie at Maggie Daley Park where you’ll also be treated by N!CK’S

This event is totally complementary and comes on the heels of a family fun night at Maggie Daley Park. We’re showing Mamma Mia! because the music is Swedish like N!CK’S. We’re in love with doing a movie in the park because it’s the exact kind of summer fun we’re in the mood for: outside, on a picnic blanket, and with the opportunity to make some new friends while singing along. 

RSVP to the ice cream picnic and movie brought to you by N!CK’S.

3. Anywhere: Create a ritual around ice cream. 

Just like we’re into celebrating anything that feels good, we’re also into creating rituals that bring meaning to everyday things (or every week things, depending on how often you eat ice cream). For my husband and me, ice cream is something that we do in a very specific way. After dinner, he takes out two plain, white coffee mugs, our N!CK’S ice cream flavor du jour (so it’s the perfect softness) and any of our frozen fruit or fixings we want to sprinkle on top of our ice cream. Five minutes later – it’s a science – we dish out the ice cream at it’s perfect softness and top with whatever we’re into at the moment (right now it’s pitted, frozen cherries). Then, we move from our dining room table to the couch where we spend the entire time eating our ice cream deciding on the show we want to watch. 

Want to make a meaningful ritual? Try these tips to make anything a ritual here.  

4. Anywhere: Create your own little ice cream party with a special toppings bar

Ashley Martens, aSweatLife writer and nutritionist shared some BIG ideas to add nourishing, delicious toppings to your ice cream. And, she penned a sentence that felt so true: “eating ice cream without an ice cream topping is similar to eating a salad without salad dressing, or enjoying a bowl of pasta without any pasta sauce.” Her suggestions make us want a bowl right now bananas, Cacao nibs, coconut oil, Manuka Honey, nut butters, and seeds. 

Read why she loves these toppings here.

5. Anywhere in the United States: Get a special discount on N!CK’S.

Because N!CK’S delivers to your door, you can get a special National Ice Cream Day discount and find an incredible, dry-ice packed box of ice cream at your door in a snap. Use code MAMAMIA to get 30 off your next Nick’s purchase. 

Grab your National Ice Cream Day flavors here. 

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