Our Biggest Women’s Health Questions Answered with Pandia Health, Stix, and Dr. Roohi Jeelani from Vios Fertility

On International Women’s Day, we hosted a women’s health panel that covered a broad spectrum of topics spanning a lifetime as a woman, from periods to UTIs to family planning to planning not to have children to menopause. They answered big questions around a lifetime of being a woman.

We heard about periods, menopause, fertility, infertility, choosing to have children or choosing not to have children—and everything in-between.

Candidly, I moderated this panel as a 35-year-old woman who recently—for the first in adulthood—realized that I might actually want to have children. You’ll hear me have an uh-oh moment when Dr. Jeelani noted the decline in fertility at age 35.

I literally said, “That’s my age.”

But, don’t mind my minor life-altering realization. You’ll also get so many tidbits of information that may change the way you think about your lifetime as a woman and women’s health in general.

May I recommend taking notes.

Resources for women’s health:

  • If you’re interested in getting UTI, pregnancy and ovulation testing in the mail (yes, please – never run into your ex with one in your hand again), try Stix.
  • Want to get your birth control (and soon acne meds) in the mail? Try Pandia Health!
  • Learn more about work with Vios Fertility and Follow Dr. Jeelani
  • Dr. Jeelani mentioned that certain states require that insurance covers infertility (at various levels). Here’s more on that.

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