Experts from EverybodyFights and Shadowbox on Innovating Boxing Classes

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boxing experts on how to innovate boxing classes

With boxing becoming more and more popular, what’s one way boxing studios can innovate on the standard bag-and-gloves concept?

Ben Eld, Director of Marketing, EverybodyFights (@everybodyfights)

Ben Eld EverybodyFights

“Hitting a heavy bag is a phenomenal workout, that works your core and develops punching power, but a true training camp incorporates everything, including running, yoga, circuit training, and technique like mittwork and footwork. Recovery is also a key component to a boxer’s training camp, whether it be a deep stretch or meditation, since they put their bodies through the wringer. The best way for boxing studios to innovate beyond the “bag-and-gloves concept” is to incorporate the other elements of a real boxer’s training camp. Having as much of that under one roof as possible will keep you in the game. That’s how we built EverybodyFights. It’s a five-part class series simulating a true fighter’s training camp.”

Kelli Yapp, Director of Brand Product, Shadowbox (@sbx_boxing)

kelli yapp shadowbox

“The Shadowbox workout pairs the tenets of boxing — shadowboxing and rounds on a traditional heavy bag—with head-to-toe, bodyweight conditioning. While there are always ways to innovate and improve the experience holistically, part of what differentiates our concept is that we’ll always prioritize technique and lean into the timeless, unbeatable benefits of boxing. We’ll continue to evolve with our community and will provide a platform where Shadowboxers can always voice what they’re looking for in their experience.”


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