Seven Health and Wellness Podcasts to Inspire YOU in 2019

Have you hopped on the podcast trend yet? Or are you looking for a few new podcasts to throw into your rotation? I have the solution for you – 10 informative health and wellness podcasts to inspire you in 2019.

#1 Bulletproof Radio

Dave Asprey is the man and the legend behind Bulletproof Radio. He is an entrepreneur and the original “biohacker” of our generation — not to mention, he is already over 500 podcasts deep. He chats each and every week with guests ranging from world-class MDs, Olympic nutritionists and biochemists. I am not going to lie – sometimes I need to play back parts of the podcast because he gets so deep and scientific when it comes to nailing the facts. Nonetheless, if you are looking to up your wellness knowledge, this is one you MUST listen to.

#2 Medical Medium

Well this should shock you: when Anthony William, the medical medium, was four years old, he announced to his family that his symptom-free grandmother had lung cancer, which was later confirmed with medical testing. Today he helps people all over the world, from billionaires to professional athletes, guiding them in finding their medical issue. Each podcast focuses on a specific health issue and/or solution. These episodes are jam packed with knowledge and are helpful for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge in wellness.

#3 The mindbodygreen Podcast

Reaching almost 100 episodes, the mindbodygreen podcast stems from founded by Jason Wachob. He shares interviews with inspiring figures on topics ranging from the health, fitness, and nutrition. All of his podcast episodes are gems, including episode #73 with Michael Phelps, episode #69 with the founders of the Perfect Bar and episode #22 with Mark Hyman. This is an easy listen for your morning commute.

#4 The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger is a veteran in the wellness world, as she initially started blogging in 2013 under @theblondevegan and then controversially (seriously though, it made news headlines!) decided she no longer wanted to be vegan for health reasons. Since then she has shared her journey with orthorexia and Lyme disease, and continues to have wellness experts from various backgrounds on her podcast.

#5 One Part Plant Podcast

One Part Plant Podcast is a conversational podcast hosted by author Jessica Murname, who brings on some of the biggest names in the food and wellness world. She provides actionable advice with each and every episode. This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while working out as she is so inspiring to take in.

#6 Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig

Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig is hosted by reality TV stars, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Heather Dubrow, who spend the majority of their podcast debunking Hollywood health fads and explaining the medical analysis behind their reasoning. With their recent book The Dubrow Diet currently on the market and continuously being sold out, they also chat a lot about intermittent fasting and they take questions from the audience on a regular basis. This podcast is part wellness, part Hollywood and 100 percent entertaining.

#7 Learned, Heard and Stirred

This new and upcoming podcast (from one of our writers, incidentally!) already has an impressive number of downloads and has covered a multitude of topics from “What you don’t know about obesity” to “Postpartum Body Image.” Chanel Gold Kenner is a nutritionist and registered dietician student who shares her knowledge of a balanced nutritional diet, fitness routines (especially for mommas), and chronicles her own thyroiditis journey.


About Erica Biesiada

Erica Biesiada is a health and wellness blogger and podcaster for Bring Your Own Kombucha and a full time attorney. She has a public relations and journalism degree from Seton Hall University and a law degree from Widener University School of Law. She is passionate about finding a balance between #treatyourself and providing your body with the utmost care by way of nutrition and exercise. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and her newborn baby Elizabeth.