A Workout to Do with Your Bestie for Best Friends Day

In honor of National Best Friends Day on Friday, June 8, grab your bestie and head to your local running path, track, or park, and enjoy a killer workout together!

Warm Up

  • 5 minute jog at a pace where you can still talk and catch up!
  • 10 inchworms – stand with feet close together, hinge at the hips and reach for your toes. Place your hands on the ground and walk your hands out until you are in a full plank position. Walk your hands back to your toes, return to stand. Repeat 10 times. Bonus: add a push up in as you hold your plank.

Best friend workout plank

  • World’s greatest stretch: Begin in plank position. Bring your right foot up to rest beside your right hand. Plant your left hand and raise your right hand to the sky. Replace your right hand, replace your right foot, then repeat on the left. Repeat for a total of ten times (5 each side).

Best friend workout stretch

The Workout

You’ll alternate between running and bodyweight strength exercises. For the first few runs, you’ll follow a pace of 3 minutes push, 30 seconds sprint, and 30 seconds jog; later, you’ll advance to 2 minutes push, 1 minute sprint, and 30 seconds jog.

Your strength movements are all bodyweight based, so you can complete this workout anywhere! Most sections have you holding a bodyweight movement while your partner completes a certain number of reps; then, you’ll switch off.


Begin your first running interval with a 3 minute run – this pace should be faster than a jog, but not an all-out effort. Talking should still be possible, just more difficult. After 3 minutes, proceed right into a 30 second all-out sprint (talking should not be possible at this pace!), and finish it out with a 30 second slow jog.


Have your friend start by holding a plank while you perform 20 knee drives – 10 per leg. Step back into a reverse lunge with your right leg, then drive your knee to your chest as you hop off of your left foot. When your 20 knee drives are complete, drop down into a plank while your friend completes theirs.


Complete another 3 minute run, 30 second sprint, 30 second jog.


Have your friend start by holding a low squat while you complete 20 elevator planks. Begin in a full plank, hands directly under your shoulders. Bring your right forearm down to the ground, followed by the left for a forearm plank. Push back up onto your hands. Repeat 20 times. When your 20 elevator planks are complete, hold a low squat while your friend completes theirs.


Complete your last 3 minute run, 30 second sprint, 30 second jog.


Complete 20 tricep dips off of a step, ledge, or bench. Place your hands behind your hips, fingers facing towards you. Extend your legs out in front of you – the straighter your legs are, the more challenging the movement will be. Keeping your back close to the step/ledge/bench, lower yourself towards the ground and then push yourself back up to start. (If you can’t find a step, ledge, or bench, have your friend lie on their back and bend their knees while keeping their feet flat against the ground. Place your hands on their knees and dip!).


Kick it up a notch by completing a 2 minute run, 1 minute sprint and 30 second jog.


Together, complete 10 around the word lunges per leg. Start by stepping your right foot forward for a forward lunge. Then step your right foot to the side for a lateral lunge. Next, step backward for a reverse lunge. Finally, step back and a little towards the left for a curtsy lunge. Make sure your hips face forward the entire time.


Complete another 2 minute run, 1 minute sprint, 30 second jog.


While your partner catches their breath, complete 5 traditional push ups. Begin in a plank with your wrists lined up directly under your shoulders. Lower your chest as close to the ground as possible (this can also be done from your knees to make the exercise a bit easier). After 5 traditional push ups, rest as your friend completes theirs.

Then, do 5 narrow push ups, bringing your hands almost to touch. Rest while your friend completes their 5 narrow push ups.

Next, begin to do 5 wide push ups, bringing your hands out further than in a traditional push up. When your 5 wide grips push ups are complete, rest while your friend completes theirs.

End this portion of the workout with 5 traditional push ups.


Complete your final 2 minute run, 1 minute sprint, 30 second jog.


Together, complete 20 downward facing dog to knee tucks (10 each side). Begin in a plank, wrists lined up directly under your shoulders. Push back into downward dog, raising your tailbone to the sky. Raise your right leg and extend it towards the sky.

Shift your weight forward as you flatten back into a plank while driving your right knee to your chest.

Shift your weight back into down dog as you extend your right leg back towards the sky. Repeat.


Sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Don’t forget to stretch it out when you’re done… After plenty of high-5’s, of course!  

Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.

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