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The SweatWorking App offers on-demand video, audio and image-guided workouts created by certified coaches right to your iPhone. The App ​was born out of our most important value: Everything is better with friends. We pulled in some of the smartest friends we have to develop our sister company. Today, the SweatWorking App helps athletes and fitness fanatics support the coaches they love, all while getting in the perfect sweat for exactly where they are.

What is the SweatWorking App?

A coach in your pocket. We’re always adding to a library of workouts from the industry’s best fitness coaches who bring their unique training styles to life in audio, video and image guided workouts. Today, you’ll be able to find coaches who live and breathe fitness of a variety formats. And one part we love the most: the coaches you love are paid when you do their workouts.

A home to variety. Our coaches and content span all of the formats you love – from strength, HIIT and boxing to yoga, mobility and barre. You’ll be able to find something to fit the equipment you have and the format you’re into at the moment. Only have dumbbells and want an audio-only workout? Working out in a hotel room and looking for video? We have it.

A community empowered. With SweatWorking’s teams, you’re able to team up to conquer fitness challenges with your friends. Once you join a challenge, you’ll be given the option to create a team, invite your friends, track each other’s progress and cheer each other on! After all, everything is better with friends – especially conquering big goals.

You can sweat with us!

SweatWorking Coaches have been hard at work creating two different ways to sweat: standalone workouts and 30-day challenges.

Standalone workouts: From running to barre to picking up barbells to working on your vert, there something for you, whether you’re at home, in the gym at your office building or at your favorite training facility.

30-day challenges: We’re into goals around here, and so are the SweatWorking coaches. They all curated 30-day challenges that are entirely goal-based. Whether you’ve always just wanted to do a handstand or you’re trying to hit a six-minute mile, you’ll find something built to help you do it! And there’s great news – you can use these challenges in a way that makes sense for you. Fall in love with a leg workout in one of the challenges? Come back to it whenever you want. Want the structure of a 30-day challenge. Follow the workouts in the exact order the coach prescribes.

Take on any of these challenges:

Membership has its perks!

The SweatWorking App is built to be what you need – a compliment to a fitness routine that gets uprooted when you travel, inspiration for just what to do with all of that equipment at your favorite gym or your one-stop-shop for workouts.

Because of that, there are two ways to subscribe and a way to try before you commit.

  • The 14-day free trial: When you sign up for an unlimited subscription, you’ll get unfettered access to the full library of challenges and workouts – audio, video and image-based – for two weeks without being charged.
  • $14.99 / Month: This gets you unlimited access to the full library of challenges and workouts – audio, video and image-based – ongoing. 
  • $4.99 / Month: You’ll get five workouts sessions​ each month​ from the full library of challenges and workouts – audio, video and image-based. 


Ready to sweat? We can’t wait to see you on the SweatWorking App.

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