Sweaty Talk Show: Trying to Talk While Doing Lunge Jumps

We’re in the business of finding people with interesting stories to tell. In fact it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. The Sweaty Talk Show is just another way that we’re able to do two things we love at once: tell inspiring stories of our favorite fitness influencers and innovators while getting a workout in.

On this episode, we invited the Lead Cycling Instructor at Flywheel Chicago Will Haley to join us for a chat. If you’ve ever taken one of Will Haley’s classes, you know that he is not a silent instructor. And his natural gift of gab is – somehow – amplified on that podium of sweat.

When we invited Will to take part in the Sweaty Talk Show, his talent to talk while pushing pedals came to mind. However, Will skipped right over the part of the email that said, “we’ll be working out and having a conversation.” As the realization hit him that we’d be doing the entire workout together on camera, he said, “So this is really the sweaty talk show.”

After getting over that initial surprise, we got to know a little bit more about Will – the entire reason we started The Sweaty Talk show. He shared his inspiration to head off on his own fitness-as-a-career journey and what led him to try out to be an instructor at Flywheel. He also explained his position on celebrities, which is where Will really gained his reputation as an instructor. He loves reality celebrities so much that his Tuesday classes were used as a recap to the Bachelorette, the ABC show that aired on Mondays.

In honor of Will, cast this to your living room TV, grab your girlfriends and call this a Watch Party. We can get behind that kind of tradition – just save the rose for the cooldown. 


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