Using the Danish Concept “Lagom” To Create Balance

Over the last few months, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about, or maybe even adopted, the Danish concept, hygee. During the short, cold days of winter, hygee – meaning warm and cozy – was a perfect excuse to snuggle up, light a candle, brew a warm pot of tea and lounge in your favorite oversized sweater.

However, spring showers bring may flowers, warmer temps and more energy. Gone is the need for hygee, that feeling we seek all winter of being cozy and comfortable. Rather, we’re energized, feeling refreshed and ready to step out and take on the world again. Spring activities and summer schedules get busy trying to maximize every ounce of good weather we have (especially if you live in the midwest), and enthusiasm for outdoor soirees have us splurging on new, warm-weather wardrobe and makeup essentials. If you’re like me, I tend to get a little excited and go overboard with my transition to spring and summer.


An introduction to lagom

As the warmer seasons are (nearly) here, consider adopting another Scandinavian tradition. Like hygee, it’s been a part of the culture for centuries, but rather than a feeling, this is more of a philosophy for living. The tradition derives from the Swedish word lagom, which translates to “just the right amount.” Lagom is living a life in moderation, in balance, or one that’s simple. We saw the rise of hygee in the US over the last few months, and are convinced lagom is going to find its place as a trend, particularly among the health and wellness community.


As girls and guys on the go, running from workouts to work to social outings, lagom couldn’t be a more fitting lifestyle hack to adopt. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “sweet sigh of relief … simplicity! Sign me up.” What’s even better is that this theory can be applied to everything from how you dress, to your home decor, to your food choices, to how you spend your money and your daily grooming routine. I’m considering lagom my “filter” for living in 2017.

In order to implement lagom, I did a quick assessment of areas I could simplify in my life. Scheduling, grooming and food were among the top areas I think I can simplify to feel more content. I constantly find myself in a state of juggling a few too many things on the calendar. How nice would it be to have a weekend with just one or two plans, rather than ten? This requires a bit of honesty and reflection on my part, but this summer, I’m going to do my best to say yes to only the activities that I truly want to attend.


Grooming on the go

Since I’m usually tackling a morning workout and getting ready for work at the gym, finding a few products I love for my morning routine will give me less to pack and take less time to apply. I’m going to downsize my cosmetics case to three items; tinted moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen, mascara and a three-in-one blush, lip and eye shadow stick for a pop of color.



Food is interesting. I easily get very caught up in the latest wellness trends like bulletproof coffee, kombucha, superfood powders and expensive smoothies. There is definitely an opportunity for me to simplify the beverages I’m consuming and go back to the basics of water and tea.


While the theory of lagom can be applied to so many areas of life, I’m going to take a few small steps over the next few weeks to simplify in moderation. I’m confident it will free up energy, eliminate stress and bring more ease into my everyday routine.

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