Your Treadmill Workout: Two Sets With Bodyweight Exercises Between

When I’m trying to psyche myself up for a workout, it helps me to think about just how long I have to be doing X, Y or Z. The smaller the block of work I have to complete is, the more accomplished I know I’m going to feel and thus, the greater the likelihood that I’ll actually do the workout.

This treadmill workout consists of three 10-minute blocks total. The first and third blocks are on the treadmill and the second block is made up of bodyweight exercises.

When you start this workout on your treadmill, think about what your jogging, running and sprinting pace will be. Your jogging pace is something you can easily maintain while having a conversation. Your running pace is 1- 2 full MPH above your jog. Your sprint is something you could only maintain for a maximum of 60 seconds.

Begin your treadmill workout with a 3-4 minute warm-up at a jogging pace, focusing on loosening up the shoulders, drawing your bellybutton towards your spine, leading with your chest and running at the middle of your treadmill.


Here are your sets:

Set 1: Treadmill workout

You’ll switch back and forth between a running pace and a recovery pace (around a 5.5 – 6.0 MPH speed). You’ll alternate between running .25 miles, then recovering for 45 seconds and running .35 miles, then recovering for 45 seconds. Here’s the kicker: each time you come back to your running interval (of either .25 or .35) you’ll increase your running pace by .1 – .5. It looks like this:

  • Run .25 at your starting running pace, recover for 45 seconds
  • Run .35 at pace between .1-.5 faster than previous running pace, recover for :45
  • Run .25 at pace between .1-.5 faster than previous, recover for :45
  • Run .35 at pace between 1.-.5 faster than previous, recover :45

Cap yourself at 10 minutes of these intervals.

Set 2: Bodyweight drills

You’ll go through each of these five exercises four total times. You’ll work for 30 seconds, then transition right into the next move, doing all five moves back-to-back. After finishing one full round (all five moves), rest for 30 seconds and then repeat everything three more times. The moves are:

  • :30 of inverted “V” push-ups
  • :30 of side plank hip dips and lifts right side
  • :30 of side plank hip dips and lifts left side
  • :30 of jumping lunges
  • :30 of a high plank or forearm plank

Set 3: Treadmill workout

For your third and final 10-minute round, you’ll introduce inclines to your treadmill intervals. You’ll start at a high incline and jog, then slowly drop your incline while increasing your speed every 60 seconds. It looks like this:

  • 8% incline, jog for 60 seconds
  • 6% incline, run at speed .1 – .5 faster than your jog for :60
  • 4% incline, run at speed another .1 – .5 faster than your previous speed for :60
  • 2% incline, run at speed another .1 – .5 faster than your previous speed for :60
  • 1% incline, sprint for :60 seconds

Repeat that set one more time, starting back at your 8% incline at a jogging pace.

Here are your bodyweight exercises:

Inverted “V” Push-Ups: Make an upside down V with your body and walk your feet closer to your hands. Turn your fingertips inward, bend your elbows slightly out and lower your head closer to the ground. Exhale to press your arms straight.
asweatlife_tenbytwenty_handstandmodify1 asweatlife_tenbytwenty_handstandmodify2

Side plank hip dips and lifts: From your side plank position, lower your hips toward the ground and exhale to lift your hips back up through center and continue lifting to an arched position (like a rainbow). Move your arms as pictured to accentuate the movement more and to feel a stretch through your upper body. 

Jumping lunges: With your right leg forward and left leg back, bend your knees to 90 degrees, dropping your back knee down towards the ground and keeping your front knee behind. Exhale, drive through the balls of your feet to jump into the air and switch your legs, landing in a lunge on the opposite side, this time with your left leg forward.

asweatlife_emom_lungejump3 asweatlife_emom_lungejump2 asweatlife_emom_lungejump1

High plank or forearm plank: For a high plank, place your hands on the ground under your shoulders. With your core pulled in tight, keep your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Hold there. For a forearm plank, find the same alignment but place your forearms on the ground so that your shoulders are over your elbows.



(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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