Enjoy Seasonal Produce in Next Week’s Lunch Bunch Menu

If you have beef with unpredictable spring weather, get in line, but word on the street (and the calendar) is that spring has sprung.

With longer days and warmer temperatures, you can expect farmers markets to pitch their tents and hawk their fresh-picked (insert your favorite local food here). That’s truly when spring hits home for me: with sunglasses on and SPF on my shoulders, I can finally hit Green City Market with the puppy.

That feeling of spring is what we’re carrying into next week’s menu for the Lunch Bunch. If this is the first you’ve heard of the Lunch Bunch, welcome to our obsession with lunch. The Lunch Bunch is a weekly lunch planning and packing toolkit that maximizes your time by focusing on recipes that can easily be mixed and matched throughout your week. The recipes follow the same flavor profile so you know that the work you’re doing on Sunday to meal-prep will carry you through the week in unique and interesting ways.

For next week, we’re eating meals driven by seasonal produce – this menu has a lot of delicious green stuff on it.

Whether you pick your produce yourself or grab it from a shelf, the availability of produce that’s in-season makes for a less expensive grocery shopping trip and, according to MindBodyGreen, more nutrient-rich food because “plants get their nourishment from the sun and soil. Seasonally fresh produce is picked when they’re ripe and fully developed. The plant has had more sun exposure, which means it will have higher levels of antioxidants!”

Registered Dietitian Catherine Borkowski, the brains behind the Lunch Bunch Menus, drew inspiration from a sweat-free #Sweatworking at KitchFix where the brand shared some tips to make meal-prep easy and delicious. This menu includes one of the most delicious ways to make quinoa we’ve ever tried – this Power Green Quinoa Bowl. If you miss a meal-prep Sunday and your week gets away from you, KitchFix has ready-to-heat-and-eat meals to keep you going.

KitchFix_power-Greens(Photo by Cass Gunderson)

This menu includes chicken, but there are always recommended swap-outs for our vegetarian subscribers. You’ll also find a delicious homemade vinaigrette on the menu flavored with the stuff in the name of the dressing – strawberry and lemons.

Remember, these menus are built for one but can be easily doubled to account for two people!

Grab your menu!



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