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“Why isn’t the iPad working? These iPads keep dying. And I don’t know why,” Robin Moraetes, CEO and co-founder of DreamDry said as she actively futzed with the iPad that played a stream of Justin Timberlake at the newest DreamDry location in Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria.

As she squats down in her long black dress to plug in the offending tablet, her brow furrows underneath her flawless blowout. She stands back up and dusts off her hands as to say, “nailed it,” before going back to flitting around the salon to ensure that guests are happy and appointments are on-schedule.

Moraetes is an expert juggler. She has to be. She’s managing dozens of employees at four DreamDry locations in two cities, Chicago and New York City.

As she sits down to chat with me while my hair goes through the braiding, twisting and curling of the DreamDry Style “Rae,” named after co-founder and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, I realize that I’ve selected the same style that Moraetes is wearing.

My boss crush is solidified.

On what was close to the fourth anniversary of the opening of the first DreamDry location, Moraetes was in the process of opening the fourth.

Starting it all was the partnership between the two power-houses and an idea to bring glamour to women like Zoe, a working mom, and Moraetes, who is constantly on-the-go.

“We started spit-balling ideas of what [DreamDry] would be and why it would be this and we both wanted the same thing. It just happened and it’s so easy when you meet someone, you mesh and you’re both on the same page.” Moraetes said of the initial idea to open DreamDry. “It’s an affordable luxury for an everyday glamor feel.”

That glamor is expanding its reach to more women in Chicago and, Moraetes said, a soon-to-be-revealed fifth location will bring DreamDry to a new city.

“I’ve been looking for the right Gold Coast location for a long time and I always loved this space,” Moraetes said of the new, clean white space adjacent to the Waldorf Astoria‘s spa.

With all of the work it takes to manage a growing brand, it would be easy for her to say there’s no time for her own health. But Moraetes, an avid FlyWheel-er, makes time in her busy schedule for a little bit of sweat.

“This is the first time I did not bring my workout clothes because when I’m here they just sit in my suitcase.” The New York City resident admits. “The thing is that it keeps you sane – when you make the time and do it – even for a week, you feel the difference. You think clearer. You function better. You handle stress better.”

As she bustles away to talk to another guest, breezing through the salon in heels, I imagine in the day’s work, she’s probably burning hundreds of calories just smiling and walking. Fitness class or not, her stress is probably as managed as it’s going to be on this trip. It probably helps that she’s wearing confidence from her blown-out head of hair to her toes.

For a look that can bring a little glamor and confidence to your Tuesday night or a big night out, visit DreamDry in Lincoln Park or the Gold Coast. For more reasons to love Robin Moraetes, follow her on Instagram.

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