Tone Your Arms in Just 6 Moves

If you’ve been to any studio or gym in the past month, someone has alerted you to the fact that it’s “tank top season.” Off come the layers and away go the sleeves, which is great if you’re anything like me and you just feel like sleeves weigh you down.

We’ve talked a lot about fitness for functional reason, but sometimes you just want your arms to look awesome in a dress. We get it. For such a warm occasion as summer, we present to you this targeted workout to tone your arms in just six moves.

Even when you feel like your arms are bangin’, you need to work to maintain that. You have to put in SOME effort to maintain when you’ve achieved and MORE effort to continue to see progress. So give those Michelle Obamas some love.

All you need is a timer to make sure that you’re working for a minute, your body and a wall for one fun push-up variation. Need a playlist? Grab my playlist of the week on Spotify here.

Here’s your workout!


Single leg push-up (switch legs halfway): On your knees or your toes, get into a plank position. Lift up one leg and do a push-up, leading the movement with your chest.

asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_single-leg-pushup_1 asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_single-leg-push-ups_2

Pinky pulses: With your arms held straight out to the sides of your shoulders and your palms facing back. Pulse your pinkies up. Make sure your feet are hip-width distance and your knees are bent slightly.

asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Pinky-pulses-up_2 asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Pinky-pulses-up_1

Large arm circles: Draw a large circle with your arms starting with your hands facing down at the top of the circle and your palms up at the bottom of the movement. Make sure your feet are hip-width distance and your knees are bent slightly.

asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Large-arm-circles_1asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Large-arm-circles_2 asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Large-arm-circles_3

Pseudo Planche push-ups: You can do these on your knees or your toes. The range of motion in these push-ups is small. Plant your palms with your fingers pointing back. In this position, your elbows will naturally stay close to your ribs.

asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Planche-push-ups_2 asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_Planche-push-ups_1

Muscle man with elbow pulses in: Start with your palms together and your elbows at shoulder height. Keep your hands together and pulse your elbows in.



Single arm push-up on the wall: With your body in straight line and your feet stacked, place your outside hand on the wall with your fingers pointing towards your face. Place your inside hand on your stomach. Bend your elbow to lean your body towards the wall. Straighten to move away. To make this easier, move your feet closer to the wall. To make it harder, move your feet away from the wall.

asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_side-pushup_2 asweatlife_tone-your-arms-with-just-6-moves_side-pushup_1

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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