Work With Us

aSweatLife is a media company creating content and community based on the belief that wellness can be the catalyst to achieving your other big goals. We help our partners introduce their brands to our audience: wellness fanatics who skew female and millennial.

Our expert editorial team creates content for our website, email, podcast, social, and video channels, sharing why your product matters, what your story is and what your brand values. Then, we amplify that message through our community, which acts as a megaphone for the brands they love. Together with our partners, we create unique activations that engage our reader, ambassador and trainer communities through digital events, seeding campaigns, and human-centered content. 

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Branded and native content: We create content in our unique voice that organically showcases the brands we love and the stories behind them. These content pieces are often the centerpiece of a campaign.
  • Micro-influencer campaigns: Working with our Ambassador and Trainer communities, we get product into the hands of our audience, who then amplify the brand’s message through social media.
  • Consumer insights and sampling: Created for new products, we engage our communities to try, share feedback and try again. Our network of wellness devotees have seen it, tried it, and loved it, and their expertise helps you further refine your product.
  • In-person and online brand activations: We bring our communities together through digital and IRL events that can bring a brand’s story to life by engaging the consumer in real time, covering topics that are genuinely helpful and educational to our audience.
  • Digital content strategy: In our favorite way to partner, we create strategies that pull all of these pieces together—building a 360-degree approach that creates a major splash for the brand and fully engages our audience.

Let us know what you have in mind: